Destiny 2 - European Dead Zone (EDZ) Firebase Hades Lost Sectors Locations Guide

This page contains the EDZ Firebase Hades Lost Sectors Locations Guide. It includes directions to find Pathfinder's Crash, Excavation Site XII, and The Pit.

European Dead Zone (EDZ) Firebase Hades Lost Sectors Locations Guide

The Firebase Hades Lost Sectors consists of 3: Pathfinder’s Crash, Excavation Site XII, and The Pit.

Firebase Hades Lost Sectors

Firebase Hades Lost Sectors: Pathfinder’s Crash

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To reach Pathfinder’s Crash Lost Sectors from the drop-off point, look to the right to find Lost Sector marking. Follow the trail to reach the entrance to the cavern. Enter and eliminate the defending Legionary, use the boulders for cover.

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Eliminate Zerz, the Unstoppable Weight who engages from the platform above. Once you collect the Cache Code, locate the chest on the upper platform behind the wreckage to receive your reward.

Firebase Hades Lost Sectors: Excavation Site XII

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Inspect the marking of the map to find the coordinates of the Excavation Site XII Lost Sectors cave entrance. To find the Lost Sector insignia, fast travel to The Gulch and descend down to the lower ground. Cross the bridge to the right until you reach the Firebase Hades. Keep going past the mountain to find a Psion platoon. Take them out and inspect the left boulder to find the marking emblazoned on a concrete behind a huge tree.

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Enter the cavern and descend past the rocky terrain. Eliminate the group of enemies to eventually find ledges that you need to leap across. Defeat Dust-Choked Thrag to loot the Cache Code. Look for the side lined with structures to find the cache.

Firebase Hades Lost Sectors: The Pit

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In order to locate the The Pit Lost Sectors, fast travel again to The Gulch and descend the platform on the left side. Cross the bridge again and follow the road path to arrive at Firebase Hades.

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Make a right at the crossroads and dodge the incoming gunfire. Hug the right wall to pass through a tunnel tucked on the corner. Inspect the right wall where the shaded and lighted section intersects to find the Lost Sector insignia.

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Return to the tunnel and pass through the entrance on the center. Dislodge from your vehicle and follow the path to find the area. Take out the Legionary then proceed and defeat the surrounding Psion in hiding. Locate Kurg the All-Seeing Force who stands atop the platform and eliminate him to receive the Cache Code.

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