Destiny 2 - European Dead Zone (EDZ) The Sludge Lost Sectors Locations Guide

This page contains the EDZ The Sludge Lost Sectors Locations Guide. It includes directions to find Shaft 13, Cavern of Souls, and Hallowed Grove.

European Dead Zone (EDZ) The Sludge Lost Sectors Locations Guide

The Sludge Lost Sectors consist of Shaft 13, Cavern of Souls, and Hallowed Grove.

The Sludge Lost Sectors

The Sludge Lost Sectors: Shaft 13

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To arrive at Shaft 13 The Sludge Lost Sectors, fast travel to The Sludge and head right sticking to the wall. Enter this Lost Sector through the rubble indicated on the map. Once inside, aim high then jump upwards then pass through the shutter. Repeat for the next area, then make a left at the intersection and descend the steps to eventually reach it. Flank at the incoming Fallen. Reinforcements will start to appear after you finish of the first. Always keep strafing to avoid sustaining damage.

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Take out Calzar Scarred Captain by employing a combination of Super Charged and explosives to snag a Cache Code. Boost yourself up to reach the higher platform find the Cache on the corner by the fences draped in blue curtain.

The Sludge Lost Sectors: Cavern of Souls

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Cavern of Souls Lost Sectors is nestled at the central section of The Sludge. At the specified location, search for the Lost Sector insignia. Walk inside the abandoned facility’s entrance marked with the symbol, then make a right through the supply cargo. Continue downwards, then make a left to reach the section devoid of light. Make a right, then continue straight, then head right and left.

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Fire at approaching Taken before they surround you. Continue right then scale up to engage in battle with the Wizard. Ignore the rest of the enemies and focus on him as he may call upon more reinforcements. Performing a double jump helps to dodge his attacks.

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Once that’s done, continue along the path, make a right then through the tunnel path. Make another right, then leap to the upper floor. Head right to find the chamber where this boss Varghul Fragment of Oryx lays nestled in the depths of the cavern. Snipe the surrounding Vandals then focus on Varghul, back up for cover then fire after the projectiles burst into flames on the concrete. Slowly but carefully, rinse and repeat this process until you can use Super Charge against him. Close in by striking powerful melee damage. Upon defeating him, search for a Cache that is fenced by a pillar.

The Sludge Lost Sectors: Hallowed Grove

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Hallowed Grove Lost Sectors rests at the right side of The Sludge Landing Zone. Hug the right wall to arrive by a small boulder marked by the Lost Sector insignia. Proceed to the back of the boulder to enter the cavern.

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From the entrance go right then on the next turn, go left. Continue along the dark cave, then leap to reach the higher platform. Make a left and eliminate the Taken that spawn here.

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Continue right then ascend to the next higher ground. Defeat the hordes of enemies, prioritizing on Phalanxes first. Continue by heading to the right to enter the last chamber. Defeat the mobs of enemies first before challenging Vendraxis Shadow of Oryx. Be mindful of his warping shenanigans and bomb gimmicks, a good tactic is to perform 2 jumps while airborne. Once he’s down, use the Cache Code to unlock the chest resting on top of a high platform.

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