Nioh - Benefiting from Any Passive Weapon Skill

This page contains information on using any Passive Weapons Skill in Nioh on PS5 and PS4. This is regardless of whether you are using them as your main weapon or not.

Nioh and Nioh 2 (including all DLCs) are also bundled in the Nioh Collection on PS5.

A lot of the Skills in Nioh are categorized under a specific weapon type, in addition to Ninjutsu and Onmyo Magic Skills. Though it might seem that you are only limited to benefiting from Passive Skills of the weapons you mainly use, their effects will still trigger even if you’re not using the required weapon. This means that you can benefit from the Passive Skills of any Weapon Skill Tree despite not using it as your main weapon.

Benefiting From Any Passive Weapon Skill

Here are just some of the most useful Skills for any build in the game, regardless of whether you are using any of required weapons or not at any time during gameplay.


Skill Effect
Indomitable Spirit When health drops to 30% or lower, Ki recovery speed increases by 20%
Relentless Ki +5

Dual Katana

Skill Effect
Tachi Arts Close combat damage increases by 10% against enemies with full health
Defense Arts +10 Ki recovery speed when guarding


Skill Effect
Cornered Tiger When health drops to 30% or lower, close combat damage increases by 6%
First Rule of Thrusting Increases damage of thrust attacks by 6%


Skill Effect
Fortitude Life + 100
Cornered Boar When health drops to 30% or lower, damage from enemies is reduced by 20%


Skill Effect
Shadow Strike Increases damage dealt to enemies from behind by 6%
Full Moon Kata When health is at maximum, close combat damage increases by 6%

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  1. Mystic Arts skills apply but only if you’re using the weapons as far as I’ve played. I’m still trying to investigate that portion of the skill tree. But as of the moment, it seems exclusive.

  2. Some of these you listed are not in the actual skill trees.

    Sword: indomitable spirit + relentless (no full moon kata)
    Dual sword: tachi arts + defense arts (no relentless)
    Spear: correct as shown
    Axe: correct as shown
    Kusarigama: shadow strike + full moon kata (no cornered bear)

    Helpful information, but not quite 100% correct.

  3. I know you said you don’t have to be using a weapon of that category for the passive skill to be in effect but- You have to have to have it equipped like in the secondary slot for the passive skill (from the skill tree) to be in effect right?