Nioh - The Magatama of Fire Sub Mission Walkthrough

This page contains a walkthrough on the Sub Mission The Magatama of Fire for Nioh on PS5 and PS4. Included are all items, weapons, armor, enemies and bosses encountered in the game.

Nioh and Nioh 2 (including all DLCs) are also bundled in the Nioh Collection on PS5.

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Sub Mission – The Magatama of Fire Walkthrough

Region Chugoku
Gold 12400
Amrita 4068
Reward High-Quality Tamahagane x4, Quality Ingot x6, Quality Wood x6

magatama of fire

The Magatama of Fire involves William going into the mines of Iwami-Ginzan in order to find a certain kind of fire. This kind of fire is something that only comes from yokai and can enchant weapons. There, you’ll have to search for the Magatama of Fire which is imbued with the flaming power of the yokai.

You’ll first find yourself at the mine entrance where there’s a shrine at the end of the room. Mark the shrine as your checkpoint before making a left. When you do, head down the pathway and make another left at the rickety wood bridge. After that, you’ll spot a door at the end of the intersection. Turn right and block the incoming fire arrows from the skeleton archer.

After that, take out the patrolling skeleton warrior with a katana. When you’re done, head to the middle of that intersection before making a left. You’ll spot a Yokai with a katana walking around. However, instead – head right and jump to the platform below. There’s a machine that you can interact with. Use the machine and then slide into the dark alley at the right of the ladder. When you reach the end, kick down the other ladder to create a shortcut for yourself. After kicking that ladder down, make your way towards the end of the pathway where you’ll find a corpse with some Amrita and Antidote x3.

When you’re done, jump down to the ledge below. There are two Dwellers there. Kill them both before climbing up the ladders again. Climb back to the floor where the poison sucking machine was before activating it. After that, head left to kill the Dweller lurking in the darkness. When you’re done with that, leap down below to take out the Dweller and the Bone Samurai before climbing up the ladder again.

This will take a few tries as the poison sucking machine has a time limit. When you’re done cranking it up again, head back down to break the rocks for some Amrita. From there, find a hidden dark tunnel and go through it. There should be some sort of Revenant Marking there for a guide. If you see it, you’re in the right tunnel.

It’s also in that tunnel where you can make a left. Do so and then make a right where you’ll see a Yokai with a sword. Take it down and follow the path it blocked off. However, there’s another yokai waiting for you inside. Kill the long tongue yokai and grab the corpse for some Amrita. Finishing the yokai, enter the room it stayed in before making a right for some items.

Finish up and leave the tunnel and climb up the ladders again. This time, climb the ladder up until the top floor. While there, make your way towards the far right corner until you see a ledge. Jump down from the ledge and land on the other side, revealing another tunnel for you to go through. Head through the tunnel until the end. When you get there, there’s a small chest with Sacred Water x1 and Rifle Ammunition x1 waiting for you.

Head out and drop down to the ground floor. Hang right until you spot a long ladder climbing up. Climb up and see the crystals surrounding you in the cavern. From there, proceed on until you reach the end. Turn right and break the boxes in front of you. There’s a corpse holding some Amrita and a Signpost Talisman x1.

However, watch out! There’s a Yokai prowling around with a katana. Make a right and climb up the slope until you see a corpse. Loot it for Water Amulet x2 and a Sacred Brush x1. If you head straight, you’ll notice a yokai realm. A Bone Samurai will spawn out of it if you approach it. Do so anyway and kill it before noticing the door with a bar locking it. Open the door and you’ll create a shortcut allowing you to head back to the Shrine easily.

Turn back and then make your way the same way you came in. When you reach the wooden platforms, make a left and you’ll spot a corpse holding Antidote x2. Make your way down until you spot a poison sucking machine. Crank it up and watch the poison vanish. Leap off the ledge and climb up the ladder to kill the Bone Samurai wielding a large battle axe.

When you’re done, there’s a yokai. Kill the angry okai before crossing the bridge it patrolled on. Don’t forget to shoot the bone archer at the far platform. With that, you can go there and claim some Kayaku-dama x2 and Amrita from the corpse. Follow the rocky path until you spot a bone samurai dragging his axe on the ground. Kill him and move onto the bridge on your left to see a yokai realm. Pop it and kill the axe-wielding yokai that emerged from it.

After that, leap down and kill the Dwellers, Skeleton Warriors, and Revenants in the area. This will clean up the area for the mini-boss fight. Check under the bridges until you spot a massive yokai realm swirling beneath the bridges. To make it easier for you to find, it should be on the right of the ladder. Move towards it to trigger the boss fight. A large long tongue yokai will spawn and all you have to do is kill it. After killing it, you finish the sub-mission! Congratulations!

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