Nioh - The Unrepentant Thief Sub Mission Walkthrough

This page contains a walkthrough on the Sub Mission The Unrepentant Thief for Nioh on PS5 and PS4. Included are all items, weapons, armor, enemies and bosses encountered in the game.

Nioh and Nioh 2 (including all DLCs) are also bundled in the Nioh Collection on PS5.

Taking place in the Sekigahara Region, William goes on a mission alongside Lord Sengoku Hidehisa to locate and retrieve the Lord’s incense burner – the Chidori-no-Koro at the Graveyard of Ships, an area that houses not only bandits but also several Yokai.

Sub Mission – The Unrepentant Thief Walkthrough

The mission commences as your ally briefs you with a reminder of your mission. Go through the path, breaking through some scattered crates nearby a lit torch leading to a cavern. Take a right and defeat the Axe Wielder. Circle the area then pass through a tapered path to find another enemy idling by the torch near a pool of water. Deliver a combination of strikes alongside Sengoku to defeat him.

Another patrolling enemy will appear from the left, dodge his katana slashes then perform a swift combo to end him. Continue along the trail to find another roaming swordsman patrolling the entrance lit by two torches on both sides. Team up with your ally to defeat him flawlessly. Proceed through the open wooden door.

Cross the cavern, be cautious of the approaching Skeleton Warrior from the left side. Retreat or Block when he attacks then immediately follow up with your own chain to take him out. Get back to the main path, then head left, go straight to find a scarlet double door lit with two small lights on both sides. Open the double doors, approach the treasure chest but before you open it, a swarm of mini Umi-bozu will drop off from the ceiling. Sengoku will have already taken the other, so face the remaining one and avoid its attack before you charge with your own. Once the area is clear, examine the treasure chest to encounter a Mimic, it will eventually burst so be sure to grab the free loot.

Exit out of the double doors, then turn right to uncover a passage. Break through the crates and barrels, to reveal a dead end then open the mini treasure chest to obtain some Ochoko x2 and Daion-jin’s Sake x2. Head back, then turn right to return to the area where you fought the enemy who ambushed you earlier. Go through some puddles of water, then check the left side for some Elixirs. Turn right and follow the path, ahead of you is a lone Oni-bi, take it out immediately then do a 180 to find that Sengoku is busy with a mini Umi-bozu. Help him defeat the creature then turn around and continue along the trail. Pass by the bridge to reach the other side, paying close attention not to fall off.

Inspect the right side to uncover the thief, it is a Kappa. Before you deal with it, investigate near the pottery for a corpse to receive some ammunition. When you attempt to approach the thief, it will try to escape. Don’t let it get away and strike immediately with the Spear to incapacitate it for a moment. Eventually other creatures such as the mini Umi-bozu will appear during the hunt. Activate the Raiken Living Weapon, then strike it with some rapid pierces to prevent its escape. This should not only cover the Kappa but also other surrounding creatures such as the Wheelmonk that will try to distract you. When it has received sufficient hits, Sengoku in effect will retrieve the plover incense burner, which in turn ends the Mission.

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