Sub Mission – The Battle of Ohashi Bridge Walkthrough [Nioh]

This page contains a full walkthrough of the Sub Mission Battle of Ohashi Bridge, including enemies, bosses, items and rewards obtained.

The Sub Mission The Battle of Ohashi Bridge pits William against a hulking axe-wielder who has slayed countless samurai on a notorious bridge.

Sub Mission – The Battle of Ohashi Bridge Walkthrough

This mission is pretty straightforward since you only need to defeat one enemy (though aided by a pair of Oni-bis). You may be tempted to farm the revenants here, but it is best to wait until you have completed the mission before doing so. Approach the bridge and engage the hulking enemy wielding the axe (he is your target and is particularly challenging to beat if you don’t understand his true weakness).

He dishes out massive damage if you get hit even once. Fortunately, he has a very slow swing time so he will be somewhat easy to parry. But before you take him on by himself, kill of the Oni-bis that are assisting him to even up the score. Then, engage him.

A very cheesy way of killing him is by positioning him near the edge of where the bridge is chipped on the side that plunges down to the water. When he is standing there, you can just use the Moment Talisman and a Guardian Spirit like Fuse-Ushi to push him off the edge for an instant (and very comical) kill.

You can then proceed to farm the revenants in the area (this place is especially good for farming Divine Weapons in New Game Plus) or exit the mission.


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