Nioh - Death to the Bandits Sub Mission Walkthrough

This page contains a walkthrough on the Sub Mission Death to the Bandits for Nioh on PS5 and PS4. Included are all items, weapons, armor, enemies and bosses encountered in the game.

Nioh and Nioh 2 (including all DLCs) are also bundled in the Nioh Collection on PS5.

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Sub Mission – Death to the Bandits

Region Kyushu
Reward Bandit Axe, Lightning Amulet x4, Minoden Dual Tachi, Young Samurai’s Locks x1

The first Sub Mission Death to the Bandits takes William on a hunt for some bandits that have taken over a quiet and peaceful village. The objective of this Sub Mission is to take out their leader by making your way to his base of operations. The Sub Mission begins on where the Main Mission Isle of Demons left off.

Be prepared to face many enemies lurking in the town. There will also be a Shrine near the village’s entrance. The boat where Onryoki used to be will have an a common outlaw enemy. Next to him is a corpse that you can check to pick up a Horoku-Dama.

There will also be a cave off to the side that houses a Yokai. Scour the beach and eliminate the enemies there. You can try to take them out one-by-one by picking them off their group. From the intersection, you can turn right and follow the building’s side. Around it will be a small alley. Look above before as you proceed to find an enemy waiting to surprise you from above. Take him out with a ranged weapon, then follow the path to find a corpse with a Water Amulet.

Head back to the intersection and look towards the main path. There wil be an enemy guarding the area from up the path, and to the right is another enemy on patrol as well. You can proceed to another alley here but be alert of yet another enemy who will go for a surprise attack. After taking care of him, you can follow the alley path again to grab a Whetstone.

You will come up to a house with a well. From here, go around to find a corpse in the rubble to get a Bizen-den Tachi. Then, head for the main path and kill the enemy guarding it. From there, proceed up the slope and up until the gate (which will be locked). Make a right up the path and head for the mansion. Kill the enemy along the path and drop onto the roof of the houses that leads to a corpse for some Rifle Ammo. Then, enter the mansion.

There will be an enemy immediately inside the mansion. There is also another enemy sitting at the left. You will come across two more guards in the main house near a large chest. Kill them off and collect Jumonji Spear, Sacred Brush and Rogue Armor: Hizayoroi from the large chest. Exit and mansion and head for the canyon to the far right. There will be an enemy there looting a corpse that has Rogue Armor: Do and Ronin Armor: Mengu. You can also head to the left side of the mansion and follow the path to a small clearing. There will be a corpse there that has Sacred Brush.

As you exit the mansion from the other side, be ready to face more enemies along the path that slopes downward. On the lower area, you can enter one of the houses where an enemy will ambush you. Once you kill him, you can check the house to find a Travel Amulet. Continue down the path and kill off more of the enemies on patrol. You will also encounter an enemy wielding an axe, so be sure to take him out before heading to the house on the left (where the Bandit Leader is).  After killing the enemy with the axe and taking out all other bandits, head for the house on the left. The Bandit Leader fight just like most enemies encountered in the area, though he has high health. He isn’t particularly hard to defeat, so take the time to bait his attacks and retaliate. When he dies, he will drop some good loot that you can use, disassemble or sell of to the Blacksmith.

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