Nioh - Kanbei and the Overlord Sub Mission Walkthrough

This page contains a walkthrough on the Sub Mission Kanbei and the Overlord for Nioh on PS5 and PS4. Included are all items, weapons, armor, enemies and bosses encountered in the game.

Nioh and Nioh 2 (including all DLCs) are also bundled in the Nioh Collection on PS5.

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Sub Mission – Kanbei and the Overlord Walkthrough

Region Kyushu
Gold 8600
Amrita 3000
Reward Guardian Spirit Mizuchi, Heshikiri Hasebe, Smithing Text: Heshikiri Hasebe, Smithing Text: Legendary Strategist’s Garb: Kinu

This sub-mission is right after William kills Hino Enma (yay!). However, this takes him straight back to the caves that is now yokai infested. Apparently, Kurosa Kanbei wants you to search for his treasure known as the Heshi-Kiri-Hasebe, one of the set weapons. And in this mission, we also get a new spirit named Mizuchi.

The sub-mission starts with William stationed at the shrine. A good thing which makes life easier for you and because of that, we get to fix our level skills. I do suggest however that if you have some talismans on you. The talismans allow you to have some elemental effects which can save your life in Nioh. This can only be found in the Onmyo Magic trait line. However, some of these talismans drop from enemies so you can use those as well. Assign it to one of your hot keys and we can begin.

Head out the cave and you’ll find yourself at a ledge. Look to your left and there’s a corpse dropping some Arrows x1 and Rifle Ammunition x3. There, you’ll notice that there’s a yokai playing some sort of biwa near the hot spring. No need to go close to it; sniper it if you can. Give it a headshot and you’ll free the Hot Spring. When you’re done, head towards the corpse and pick up some Amrita and Sacred Water x1. After that, don’t take the Hot Spring. Kill the enemies such as the Dweller on the ledge and a roaming axe-wielding yokai. Use the hot spring after killing the enemies.

There might be a Revenant nearby but there’s no need for that. After that, head towards the end of the cliff where you’ll find a Dweller nearby. Use the Low Stance to kill them easy. However, there’s also another Dweller hiding inside a small cave. Slaughter them and head into the cave it blocked off.

When you get inside, smash the boxes and you’ll find yourself in front of a corpse. Loot it for an Officer’s Spear and a Large Spirit Stone x1. After that, head out the cove and enter through the passageway with wooden scaffolding. Run through the passageway until you reach a lit tunnel. Enter through the lit tunnel where a Revenant will spawn out. Kill it and you’ll hear some biwa playing in the background. While it’s playing, Oni-bi will fly out to burn you. It’ll also lead you towards another shrine where there’s a small chest to loot.

Break the boxes blocking the biwa yokai before lodging an arrow in its head. When you’re done, continue running up the passageway before making a left. Upon reaching that corner, there’s a wooden door. Open the door and you’ll find a Skeleton Warrior with a large battle axe.

Kill it and go deeper into the room where you’ll find some boxes. Behind the boxes, there’s a corpse with some Amrita and a Long Bow. Aftter that, head north to find yourself at the ledge where the biwa-playing yokai sat. When you get there, loot the stuff you shot him for.  Look to your left and you’ll find a large chest to loot. If you need to heal, jump down the ledge and you’ll find yourself at the shrine.

After that, leap down the ledge and follow the path forward. Continue making your way up until you find some sort of stock area and two yokai realms pulsing. This is going to mean trouble. If you have talismans, cast them now to give you an upperhand in battle. When ready, approach the yokai realms.

The moment you do, two skeleton warriors will appear: one wielding a spear and the other wielding a sword. Kill the one with the spear first to shut down its distance before taking out the one with the sword. And if you’re lazy, you can use the Kayaku-Dama to stun them and deal burning damage.

Next, two Oni-bi spawn out. Block the incoming fireballs and attack the one nearest to the ramp. You’ll notice that when you attack them, your sword is coated on fire. This is a good thing; it saves you from using Fire Talismans. Don’t forget to lock on them; it’ll save you a lot of time from swinging your sword recklessly.

The next bout involves a sword-wielding Yokai and an angry, giant bone samurai with an axe. If that wasn’t enough, there’s also a skeleton warrior shooting fire arrows at you. Take out the angry giant bone samurai with an axe as he can knock you down hard and has a bigger yokai realm range. Dodge out of his axe attacks before cutting him down. When you’re done with him, take out the sword-wielding Yokai. If you have salt, it’s helpful because it can stun them and give you a chance to deal massive damage via finishing move.

Your last boss will be a dual-sword wielding Revenant along with three Oni-bi. However, he’ll have bone samurai wielding a large battle axe as an escort. If you have Living Weapon, now is the time to use it. Or if you have lightning talismans, make sure you have enough distance before using it. After killing the Revenant, he’ll drop the Boss’s Room Key along with some random pieces of armor.

Next, head into the lit room near the entrance where you’ll find a large chest, a small chest, and some boxes. Check the other room where you’ll find another large chest containing Elixir x2Brawlers Armor (M), Kote, and Footsoldier Armor (M): Jingasa. There’s also a small chest you might want to loot here as well.

Finally, climb up the ramp and open the wooden door at the end. There, you’ll see the biwa-playing yokai again. Kill him to clear the way. Grab the chest and finish the mission. Congratulations! You finished the sub mission! Kanbei will be happy with your progress and will grant you the weapon you hunted for! Plus, you get Mizuchi – a water spirit.

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