Nioh - The Three Angry Gods Sub Mission Walkthrough

This page contains a walkthrough on the Sub Mission The Three Angry Gods for Nioh on PS5 and PS4. Included are all items, weapons, armor, enemies and bosses encountered in the game.

Nioh and Nioh 2 (including all DLCs) are also bundled in the Nioh Collection on PS5.

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Sub Mission – The Three Angry Gods Walkthrough

The Sub Mission Three Angry Gods pits William against three Onyudo in seperate locations of the level. You’ll also need to manage enemies in small groups, as the targets are aided by Oni-bis to make the encounters even more challenging.

Head for the building on the ground floor, and just above the tomb. There will be a big Skeleton on the hill that goes toward the tomb’s entrance. Also note the bowman on a higher ledge who will shoot at you if you give him a clear view. Along the other side of the house, there will be an enemy near a corpse that has 2 Fire Amulets. Be careful when approaching the corpse as two Oni-bis will be waiting there to surprise you. Then, head for the small shrine building.

There will be a Yokai portal here where an Onyudo (the first of the three targets for this mission) and two Oni-bis will appear. Engage the Onyudo with caution as it can deal massive damage if you get hit. The best strategy as always is to pick your shots and drain his Ki. When he is helpless, switch to high stance and unleash a devastating combo. When you’ve dealt with the enemies, proceed to the shrine up the hill.

Run along the path up and kill the enemies there. Then, head for the hut on the right where there will be an enemy. Go inside the door on the side and you’ll come up to a skeleton bowman. Once you take out the enemy, loot the corpse there for 3 Uchiko Powder, then go behind the house. There will be another corpse there with Small Spirit Stone. Continue up the path until you come up to an enemy on patrol. Kill him then make your way to the tunnel. Prepare to take on a skeleton and a dweller there near the jars that spill fire and poison.

At the far end of the tunnel path will be a corpse that has Spirit Stone. After grabbing the item, head left and proceed until you encounter another big Skeleton. Kill it, then go down the ledge above the tomb.

From the shrine on the hill again, manage your way to the roof from the narrow walkways near the tunnel. You’ll need to kill a bowman up on the ledges. Check the area for  corpse to find Daion-jin’s Sake. From here, go down the stairs and kill the skeletons blocking your way. There will be another in the corner near a body where you can get 2 Yokai Incense.

From here, you can jump down to roof of the lower house from the stairs. Then, grab a Spirit Chunk and 2 Kayaku-dama from the corpse nearby. The, head for large shrine area.

There will be a Yokai Portal there and the second Onyuodo with two Wind Oni-bi to aid him. Take them out, then pick up a Wind Omamori Charm at the shrine, as well as Saisetsu-shin’s Sake and 2 Wind Amulets in the chest. After grabbing the items, head for the tomb.

You can enter the tomb from the door along the tunnels from above the area. If you go down from the entrance from here, you can look around for a corpse and grab Shingiku Medicine in one of the rooms (the large one). Along the walls will be a Nurikabe, so check it out if you want. Manage your way down the room’s lower area to get Travel Amulet from a corpse there. Then, continue onto the rooms further down, taking care not to be ambushed by the enemy waiting to your right. Take out the enemy and examine a coffin there. two Water Oni-bi will appear so take it out and grab the Himorogi Branch.

Head for the next room and prepare to engage a big skeleton and a regular one. Kill them and proceed through the stairs past the hallway. You’ll come to a room with an enemy near the pillar. Kill it and loot the chest there for 2 Spirit Iron Fragments and 2 Earth Amulets. There will be another coffin nearby where 2 Water Oni-bis will ambush you again. Take them out and grab the Sacred Ash.

Next, climb up the stairs but watch out for a boulder that will come down, and an enemy to your left who will ambush you. Once you’ve evaded the boulder, continue up the stairs a get 3 Stone as you come up o the door ahead that’s guarded by another enemy. Take it out and engage the last Onyudo in the room. He will also be aided by 2 Water Oni-bis. Take them out and the Mission will be completed. Before exiting, collect loot in the large chest that contains Demon God Visor, Moment Talisman and Sacred Water. Another coffin there will also have Water Amulet and Water Omamori Charm.

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