Nioh - The Spirit Stone Slumbers Main Mission Walkthrough

This page contains a walkthrough on the Main Mission The Spirit Stone Slumbers for Nioh on PS5 and PS4. Included are all items, weapons, armor, enemies and bosses encountered in the game.

Nioh and Nioh 2 (including all DLCs) are also bundled in the Nioh Collection on PS5.

Main Mission – The Spirit Stone Slumbers Walkthrough

Region Kyushu
Gold 5600
Amrita 2080
Kodama 8
Reward Ochoko x1, Raikiri (Lightning), Spirit Stone x2

This level is very rainy. You’ll find yourself in a courtyard and you’ll see ahead to your left a shrine. Rest, and prepare for the tiresome journey up ahead .

nioh spirit stone slumbers

After resting, take a look at the swordsman ahead of you, and take him out. Continue to move forward, eliminating enemies until you head for the bridge. Cross the bridge facing it and eliminate the Yokai facing you. Head left into the next area. You will face some ninjas. Eliminate them and head inside the house to battle another ninja. Defeat him and head outside into the neighborhood.

Yokai infest this area. Take them on one by one, preferably using fire-based items on them such as Fire amulets, which deal a ton of damage to these monsters.

Once you’ve defeated the Yokai, head left. There’s a shrine nearby if you would like to rest–you’ll need it. Keep moving past the houses. Look for a pair of huge steel doors to your left. Go up and open the doorway.

Boss Battle – Nue

A giant canid beast stands before you, lightning sparking from its hide. This is Nue, a deadly foe, and the fourth boss in Nioh. This beast packs a mean punch, its attacks surging with electricity. It’s best to fight Nue with low stance spear moves.

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Braving the Courtyard

Congratulations on defeating Nue! Go through the red pair of doors and talk to the girl you’ll find there. After a brief conversation, head through the other set of doors and hop in the elevator, descending downwards.

Upon landing you can rest at the shrine nearby. Afterwards, head through the doorway, climbing the staircase. Prepare yourself to fight some enemies. After slaying all your foes, head left, and then right. You’ll find yourself in the path of a Yokai.

After defeating the Yokai, take another right turn. Be careful! There are many enemies with flaming arrows around you as well as a slow-but-heavy-hitting Stone Warrior. Upon defeat, head back and go out of the opposite way of the double doors. Walk up the stairs and follow the passage into a chamber with an Oni Head floating in front of a chest. After defeating, loot the chest and head downstairs to rest at the shrine.


You’ll find yourself near a staircase to the left. Head down this staircase into the adjacent area. Defeat the Stone Warriors lurking in the area, turn around and leave through the double doors. Head up the stairs and into the next room. Turn left and enter the middle section of the wall. You’ll find a talisman. Remove the talisman in order to open up a secret passageway. Afterwards, enter the passage way to find yourself in a chamber with a stairway. Proceed down the stairs into the next area, defeating the two Stone Warriors in your way.

In the next room, a Demon Head is floating around. Kill it and head through the passageway by the room. You’ll find a doorway to release the bolts. Release them, and backtrack towards the stairs. You will then find a lantern that shines with the words “Shade Eyes.” Activate this to open the doors. Head down. You’ll see a shrine glistening beside some double doors. Enter through the doorway and into the next chamber.

In this chamber, there are some shut doors. Head through them and drop down to find a Shrine as well as Tachibana Ginchiyo. After talking to her, head through the doors and defeat the enemy lurking by the doorway. Walk down the stairs to find another set of lanterns and a closed door. When you’re ready, examine the lanterns and open the door. You’ll find yourself in a cutscene, leading to another boss fight!

Boss Battle – Tachibana Muneshige (Fake)

farming tachibana muneshigeThe fifth boss of Nioh, Tachibana Muneshige is a samurai with really powerful attacks. Muneshige often dashes at you. Make sure you get behind him to hack at his back at this point. Keep an eye on his Ki and wreck him when his Ki is low. Rinse and repeat.

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After defeating Tachibana Muneshige, you’ll be transported to the next area.

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