Sub Mission – Disappearing Ranjatai Walkthrough [Nioh]

Detailed guide and walkthrough for the Disappearing Ranjatai sub mission

Sub Mission – Disappearing Ranjatai Walkthrough

Welcome to the Disappearing Ranjatai Sub Mission! You’re going to have a lot to deal with here. After all, this place is full of outlaws since it’s a former temple. Not to mention that this place will be crawling with revenants. Ready? Let’s begin.

disappearing ranjatai

You first find yourself in front of a temple. On the left of the temple’s staircase, there’s a shrine. Grab it on the get go to check if you have anything missing before proceeding on with the mission.

With that, you can now head left through a large door. Follow the path down until you make a sharp right to encounter an Outlaw with a torch. Take him down before fighting the axe-wielding samurai on the the intersecting path. Also, don’t forget to loot the corpse for some Amrita.

The place will be filled with Revenants. You can choose to fight them or not, depending on your plan. However, the  moment  a Biwa Boku-Boku shows up – you’re going to have to kill them. Fast.

Head towards the door and open it. In front of you, there will be a yokai realm and a revenant’s grave. When you get close enough, the yokai realm will spawn a Biwa Boku-Boku. Kill it. Murder it. Do whatever you can to bring it down. Because if you don’t, that thing will spawn enough Revenants to overpower you.

After killing the Biwa Boku-Boku, look to your right to find a large chest. Open it up for a Small Spirit Stone x1. When you’re done, head out and make a left. There, you’ll come across a split path. Take the one heading down first on the left with several outlaws sitting around. With the two of them looting the corpses, sneak up on them and finish them off. After finishing them off, you can loot the two corpses: one has a Raging Bull (M): Hizayoroi and the other one has a Custom Kusarigama.

Head back to forked area and this time, head towards the right path heading down. You’ll spot two talking Outlaws there. Kill them both before taking out the patrolling outlaw. When you’re done, check among the graves on the right side to find a corpse. Loot it for some Amrita and a Wind Amulet.

Next, look for a bridge-like structure and head under it. As you head under it, it’ll lead you to a set of stairs. But watch out for the incoming outlaw. Kill the incoming outlaw before going to loot the corpse for a Yamabushi Apparel: Tekko.

When you’re done, climb up the stairs to find another roaming samurai. He wields dual swords so watch out for the incoming combos. After killing him, head down the pathway leading to the well where another ninja will try to ambush you.

From there, go through the gates until you see a samurai sitting in the corner like Sadako. There’s another samurai in there so best be on your guard. Take them out and you’ll get the large chest inside for a Spirit Stone x1.

After leaving the house, head out and look for a gap in the wall. It should be on the left. Make a quick left and you’ll find yourself in a graveyard full of revenants. After that, there should be a broken wall where you can see a samurai standing in front of you. Snipe him if you want with the rifle and then wait for the incoming ninja. Kill him as well before proceeding further.

When you proceed to the next area, there’s an outlaw archer hiding in the house. Dodge the fire arrows and take away his advantage.

After that, enter the house the samurai was guarding to find a chest. Open the chest to reveal a mimic. Try to appease the mimic. If you can’t, kill it and you’ll finish the Disappearing Ranjatai Mission.


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