Nioh - The Samurai from Sawayama Main Mission Walkthrough

This page contains a walkthrough on the Main Mission The Samurai from Sawayama for Nioh on PS5 and PS4. Included are all items, weapons, armor, enemies and bosses encountered in the game.

Nioh and Nioh 2 (including all DLCs) are also bundled in the Nioh Collection on PS5.

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Main Mission – The Samurai from Sawayama Walkthrough

RewardHighest Quality Leather Cord x5, Large Soulstone x1

Region Omi
Gold 27200
Amrita 49176
Kodama 9

There is a Shrine ahead which you can pray at near the spawn point. Descend the steps then take the hall. Defeat the Yoki on your left, then stick to the left and go straight ahead, passing through rooms as you go. Eliminate the Amrita Fiend then go through the double doors, turn left then right. Make a left, and descend the steps. Finally, go left on the landing then turn right to enter the room.

Defeat the Amrita Fiend, then enter the double doors. Turn left, then go right to find another Amrita Fiend. Go right, then descend the stairs on your left. Open the chest on the left landing, then go inside the near room where enemies await.

Exit to get to the tunnel, then pass through to find a Wheel Monk. Proceed as you hug the left wall to find a chamber containing an archer and a shadow realm which will reveal One-Eyed Oni. Take it out to receive some Gaoler’s Keychain.

Ascend the stairs to eventually face explosive-throwing Dwellers. Continue up the stairs, then turn right to get through the double doors. Take the right, then defeat the Amrita Fiend. Enter the double doors then follow the hallway.

The nearby room has a shadow realm which houses a Spider. Defeat it then take the hallway. Enter the room then take out the next Amrita Fiend. Reach for the next room then turn left to pass through the hall, then enter the huge double doors to reveal a shorcut. Take a 180 turn, then take a left to pass through more double doors.

Head straight to the adjacent room, then defeat the mob with the Yoki. Go through the next hall then open the double doors on your left. Descend the middle stairs, arm yourself then enter the double doors for a Boss encounter.

Boss Battle – Obsidian Samurai

Main article: Obsidian Samurai Boss Guide

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