Nioh - The Silver Mine Writhes Main Mission Walkthrough

This page contains a walkthrough on the Main Mission The Silver Mine Writhes for Nioh on PS5 and PS4. Included are all items, weapons, armor, enemies and bosses encountered in the game.

Nioh and Nioh 2 (including all DLCs) are also bundled in the Nioh Collection on PS5.

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Main Mission – The Silver Mine Writhes Wakthrough

Region Chugoku
Gold 7200
Amrita 2864
Kodama 9
Reward Daion-jin’s Sake x1, Himorogi Branch x1, Usurper’s Kabuto

William continues his investigation and ends up in the Iwami-Ginzan, known as the biggest silver mine located in Oda, Japan. It’s known for its silver, a precious resource sought after even by other countries. As time passes by, the Mohri clan have increased efforts in exposing the mine’s depths.

Around level 27 is advised for this Main Mission. Speak to Kikkawa Hiroie to begin this Main Mission.

Starting Shrine

As soon as the Main Mission commences, head to the Shrine to pray. This room contains a small chest, open it to reveal: Antidote x2, and Horoku-dama x2. Exit near the chest, you will arrive at an area with one ladder on the left side, while some bridges connect on the opposite side. Ignore the middle plank bridge, and cross the rightmost plank, then take out the enemy standing by the edge. Examine the corpse to get Uchiko Powder x2, then check the other corpse to obtain Stone x3.

Move along the ledge to reach the opposite side, then defeat the enemies you encounter. Examine the mechanism to remove the cloud of poison that envelopes the room under it. Note that you have to backtrack to activate the mechanism again since the poison cloud respawns. If you desire to return now, go down the ladder then examine the Kodama beside the end of the ladder. The opponents afflict you with the poison ailment, thus you have to be cautious when fighting them. Be wary of the enemy in the connecting passage. Head past it, then check the right corner to examine the chest in an alcove. Head straight to find another ladder, turn right and take out the enemy, then check the corpse.

There is a nearby door that cannot be opened from your side. Continue moving, eventually you will find a plank ledge. On your left is another path which leads to 3 enemies, while if you head straight to the bridge, it connects to a lone enemy beside a pillar. At this point,   you could either descend with the ladder or drop down. Eliminate the enemy then activate the mechanism to remove the poison cloud. Be wary of the Oni Yokai and other Yokai roaming on the next area.

By the middle portion of this area, which is under the mechanism, lies a corpse next to ??. If you cross the ramp, it will lead you to the Shrine where you first started. If you keep moving on this floor, you will find Spirit Iron Fragment x1 and another corpse. Open the small chest near you to obtain Antidote x2 and Hyottoko Mask x1.

Ascend the chamber’s ladder. Turn right to find another Yokai along the plank. Continue the plank path to find Kodama in a dead end.

Descend the ladder then move across to find the mine shaft. Take the items from the corpse which lies ahead to find Spirit Stone x1. Turn right past the doorway, then continue to follow the path to find another ladder. Ascend it then turn right to find Oni Yokai. Take it out then turn left past the bridge, then continue approaching right, when you reach the end, you can go down.

When you come to the ledge, be wary of the Wheel Yokai at the right side. Dodge its windup and roll, then when it strikes the wall, take it out. Pass through the bridge to get to the nearby platform. Activate the mechanism to remove the poison cloud. Be wary of the Flaming Archer.

Jump down the platform to find Oni Yokai along with other enemies. Take the candes to find a passage through the tunnel, eventually you find a room containing a ladder. Take the items from the chest: Antidote x2 and Horoku-dama x1. Ascend the ladder then continue the path approaching left, loot the corpse for the Central Mine Key. Jump off, then move to the right to find an alcove containing a Kodama. You will encounter a nearby door that requires a Key to open it.

Enter the tunnel at the opposite side of this floor, then examine the corpse. Return to the entrance to find a ladder, ascend it, cross the ledge approaching left then ascend the ladder again. Follow the left path, then turn left crossing to the platform, continue moving along the trail. Turn left on the ledge by the wall, then access a shortcut by kicking the ladder. Return and follow the ledge, pass through the passage of the tunnel. Turn left to encounter a small chest containing Young Samurai’s Locks x1 and Summoner’s Candle x1.

Second Shrine

Go back to the door, then enter it to get to a Shrine. Check the corpse for a Spirit Stone x1. Leave the room to find a ledge connecting to a Wheel Yokai on the other side of the plank bridge (right side). Ignore the door ahead since it’s locked from the other side. Take out the Wheel Yokai, then pass through the bridge, kill the Yokai armed with an explosive to your left using a Ranged Weapon. On the right side, there’s a ladder, descend it then activate the mechanism.

Go down, then take another ladder to reach the ground floor. This level will be a more difficult path to cross. First, be wary of the Oni and Crawling Yokai that roam this area. The best way to proceed safely is to aggro them one at a time. Once you have taken care of them both, keep in mind not to accidentally slip off into the chasm. The opposite side lies a corpse which bears a Spirit Stone x1 and Earth Amulet x2. Hug the wall, then continue through the path, examine the area, to find Kodama by the nook with wooden fencing.

Keep going then you will find a ladder, ascend it to come across more planks and a Wheel Yokai. Eliminate the enemy, then move forward to obtain Kodama when you reach the end of the path. Do a 180 after sending it off, then proceed to your right, turn right then move along the passage approaching left.

Jump down the ledge, you will soon be greeted by the ferocious insect…

Boss Battle – Great Centipede

Main Article: Great Centipede Boss Guide

Nioh Great Centipede Guide

As William jumps down, a swarm of segments appear forming a huge mass that would later become the Great Centipede itself.

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