Nioh - Wreathed in Flames Sub Mission Walkthrough

This page contains a walkthrough on the Sub Mission Wreathed in Flames for Nioh on PS5 and PS4. Included are all items, weapons, armor, enemies and bosses encountered in the game.

Nioh and Nioh 2 (including all DLCs) are also bundled in the Nioh Collection on PS5.

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Sub Mission – Wreathed in Flames Walkthrough

Region Kyushu
Reward Hyottoko Mask x1, Kayaku-dama x3, Mikazuki Kusarigama, Spirit Iron Chunk x2

This Sub Mission Wreathed in Flames takes place just outside the ship where Onryoki is fought, though night will have descended. You’ll find a Shrine to the left as your respawn point in this level. Here you’ll need to kill three Wheel Yokai to complete the Mission.

Make your way to the side of the ship towards a large rock. There will be a corpse there which you can loot a Water Amulet from. Then, head for way that leads to the cave (to the right of the fiery blockade), there will be an enemy there near a corpse that has a Spirit Stone. Proceed in the cave and take out a Yokai. There will be a another corpse there that has 2 Signpost Talisman and a Jumonji Spear. Go left and make for the slope path that goes up and along the village. Pass through the gate and fight an enemy along the upper path to your left (which goes along and towards the mansion).

You won’t be able to pass through the mansion’s gate since it’s locked, though you can check around to find a tree further along the path for a Travel Amulet. Then from the upper pathway, you can jump down to the roof of the houses. There will be a guard here and the first Wheel Yokai. Your target breathes fire, but its weak spot is the upturned face on the other side. Attack from there to easily kill it. Then, continue along the road. A skeleton enemy will be waiting to sneak up on you from the right. There will also be a bowman when the path turns left. Take out the skeleton then before going up the ladder, go around the house and loot the corpse there for Horoku-Dama. The next house will have another corpse that has Spirit Iron Chunk nearby.

Climb up the ladder and kill the bowman. Once on the roof, make your way to the next path. Use the walkways and head for ladder positioned in the middle of one of the houses (an enemy will appear here). Take out the enemy. You can try to shoot down the other enemy in the distance (on the bridge), then search the roof area for Sacred Water from a corpse. Make your way down and there should be a Shrine along the canyon below. From there, explore the street and you’ll come up to the second Wheel Yokai. Be careful as there will also be another enemy nearby to make the fight more difficult. The best strategy is to take them out one-by-one, so try to lure the Wheel Yokai without alerting the enemy nearby.

Head for the house on the furthest side to find a large chest containing Black Steel Axe, a Shinobi Box and Hanaya Arrows. After collecting the items, make your way to the watch post tower. As you make your way there, there will be an enemy waiting to ambush you in some crates. Once you take it out, you can loot the corpse nearby for Shingiku Medicine. Go up the tower. There will be a skeleton enemy there with a box so take him out by pushing him off the side. After that, proceed to the row of house rooftops. There will be a corpse among the fires that has a Longbow, as well as some Arrows.

As you proceed further, you will come up to another enemy lurking in the roofs. Take him out and look for the ladder to the left that you can kick down. Be prepared for a surprise attack from a skeleton as you come into the next area. Take him out, then make your way through the streets. The third and last Wheel Yokai will be lurking nearby. Take him out to complete the Sub Mission, but don’t exit just yet. You can go inside one of the houses (near the blockade of fire) and get Mino-Den Dual Uchigatana, Whetstone and a Summoner’s Candle in a large chest.

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