Nioh - The Demon of Mount Hiei Main Mission Walkthrough

This page contains a walkthrough on the Main Mission The Demon of Mount Hiei for Nioh on PS5 and PS4. Included are all items, weapons, armor, enemies and bosses encountered in the game.

Nioh and Nioh 2 (including all DLCs) are also bundled in the Nioh Collection on PS5.

Main Mission – The Demon of Mount Hiei Walkthrough

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Region Kinki

There’s a Shrine close by when you commence the Mission. Turn left then eliminate the black crystal, then make a right, ascend the stairs. Defeat the 2 Dwellers, then examine the corpse. There’s a nearby chest which gives some Ranged ammunition.

Descend the stone stairs then make a right. Stick to the left corner as you go up, defeat the approaching Dweller then take the Whetstone x1. Examine the back of the tree to encounter a Kodama. Return down the steps, then eliminate the crystal cluster on your left, then go left and check the remains of the corpse for a Signpost Talisman x1. Enter the hut and descend the ladder. Go down this hall, then enter the door on your right. Open the small chest to reveal Spirit Iron Fragment x2 and a Spirit Stone x1.

Leave the room, then move across and enter the cell, check the corpse. Now exit from the prison cell, then turn left and enter the cell ahead of you. Take out the Dweller, then investigate the corpse. Leave the cell, then turn right, defeat the enemy on the horizon, then go inside the right cell and examine the remains of the corpse.

Leave the cell, turn right and proceed through the passage of the tunnel. When the path forks, turn right and take out the Dweller then check the corpse. Return to the forked path, and take the left route, take out the enemy that will appear. Follow the path, then turn left through the door to enter the chamber.

Watch out for the Ranged Onmyo Magic from the magicians that have gathered here, it is advised to aggro them one at a time. Once you have finished them all, examine the corpse. Eliminate the central mechanism.

Return to the chamber’s entrance, then take the other path, eventually you will find a ladder. Ascend it, then open the small chest. Unlock the door then proceed.

Turn right to get to a clearing to find another hut. Stay close to the right wall as you go, and reach for the back of the house. Go around it to find a Kodama. Backtrack and eliminate the enemy at the steps’ landing. Go around the house and obtain the item from the corpse.

Head to the path across the steps. Eliminate the Dweller that appears, then check the corpse. At the far right is a black crystal that can be broken. Turn right to find a corpse and a Shrine.

Descend the steps and turn right to find a 2 level structure and some Yokai Shadow cloud. Turn right, and ascend the building to get to the second floor. Go around it and take out the Dweller lying on top of the Shadow Realm. Go across to reach the nearby structure, then turn left and examine the corpse. Take out the enemy by the corner to your right, then go inside the hut. Take out the spear wielder, then examine the corpse to obtain some times. Leave the house, then take out the Dweller. Jump off to get to the lower level, then make a right to find a corpse. At this point, you can either follow the path, or backtrack and engage against the Shadow Yokai. If you decide to backtrack, check the nearby corpse for an item.

Before you is a flight of steps, descend it. Watch out for the Fiend Yokai and the Tongue Yokai, each of them guards a path. Best to aggro one at a time, you can get one’s attention with the Ranged Weapon. Check the right side at the foot of the steps then break the black crystal. Beyond the Tongue Yokai lies a house, ascend it and loot the corpse for Signpost Talisman x1 and Salt x1.

Return down the steps, turn right then enter the hut and descend the ladder. Check the corpse for some ammunition. Go through the tunnel to find the Shadow Realm ahead of you. Follow the path, then enter the left room to find a corpse that bears a ‘Sakai Rifle‘ and a stash of bullets.

Return to where you came from, then turn right passing through the double doors. Defeat the Fiend Yokai and Axe wielder then smash the crystals they used to guard. Examine underneath the bookcases near the entrance to encounter a Kodama.

Leave the room then move north approaching west through the tunnel. Take out the enemy on the right, then check the left area to find a corpse. Head straight to enter a room, then defeat the 2 enemies. Enter the left cell then take out the take out the Yokai. Leave the room, then take the path to return to the surface, there’s a Shrine you can pray at. Go around the wall to your left, then check for a Kodama. Go through the doorway, stick to the left through some grass patches, then speak to the Kodama at the farthest side. Continue this path, approaching left, then climb down the steps. Be wary when entering the left house as there’s an enemy that will ambush you.  After clearing, check the large chest.

Return to the clearing with the large yellow crystal, then turn right and eliminate the Dweller. Enter the hut and open the chest. Go back outside then turn right, take out the enemy and check the corpse with Frontline Warrior’s Armor Suneate.

Backtrack to the Shrine, then go through the high doorway, ascend the steps  then follow the porch that tapers. Jump down and follow the trail. Defeat the waiting archer, move straight ahead then examine the left side near the boxes to encounter the Kodama.

Follow the path to find a shaft. If you desire, turn left to battle a non-boss Nue. Once you finish, climb down the ladder then go through the tunnel’s passage. Eliminate the enemy then proceed to find a doorway on your right. Take out the gathered Magicians, and the Yokai, then smash the crystal structure.

Head out of the room, then return to the ladder and ascend it. Turn left, proceed ahead then defeat the Yokai and the Axe wielder as you go. Reach for the apex, then turn left. Ascend the steps and head left to reach a cemetery. Defeat the guarding enemy, then investigate the area to find Kodama. Loot the corpse for some items.

Boss Battle – White Tiger

Before you proceed, arm your best weapon first, then ascend the flight of stairs. Reach for the double doors for a cutscene. Prepare to face the Main Mission boss ‘White Tiger.’

Main article: White Tiger Boss Guide

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