Nioh - The Mountain of Remorse Sub Mission Walkthrough

This page contains a walkthrough on the Sub Mission The Mountain of Remorse for Nioh on PS5 and PS4. Included are all items, weapons, armor, enemies and bosses encountered in the game.

Nioh and Nioh 2 (including all DLCs) are also bundled in the Nioh Collection on PS5.

The Mountain of Remorse sub mission involves a retrieval mission. Hattori Hanzo asks William to help slay demons but also find a man’s mother. Apparently, the family did not have much to eat. To preserve whatever food he had left, the man resorted to abandoning his aged mother on the mountain. With many yokai roaming around, William ventures through the Mountain of Remorse to find the aged woman.

Sub Mission – The Mountain of Remorse Walkthrough

The start of the mission reveals you standing in front of a shed with the shrine. Activate the shrine for a minor check-up before opening the sliding door.

Once you do so, enter the shed and open the other sliding door. This leads you outside onto the hill and through a set of stairs. Make your way down the stairs until the second flight. When you reach that area, you’ll spot a samurai. Kill the sword-wielding skeleton warrior before proceeding further.

When you reach the end of the stairs, a flaming wheel yokai will rush towards you. Either block or dodge to knock it down then, kill it before it can set you on fire. Drop down from the stairs facing a mountain, there’s a revenant lying in wait. You can choose to kill it or leave it be.

If you don’t choose to kill it, you can cross the bridge in front of the stairs. Watch out for the large bone Samurai. It’s wielding an axe so try your best to strike in and out. However, take note that there’s a yokai that will start throwing fireballs at you. Snipe it down before taking out the large bone samurai if you can.

After cheezing them both down, head up the hill and there’s a one-eyed Oni walking around. Kill it before grabbing the items the sniped yokai dropped.

Turn around and make your way down the lower path. Make a quick right and you’ll find a treasure chest lying in wait. Loot it for a Poison Omamori Charm x1Fanatic’s Armor (M): Kabuto.

Head back out and look to your life to find one of those dancing one-eyed yokai. Kill it and you’ll come across another big yokai patrolling the area. Along with it, there’s an archer firing fireballs at you. Snipe down the archer to clear the way and make your way down the path where you saw the big yokai patrolling.

Follow the path down and kill the yokai wielding dual swords. When you’re done killing it, head back to the hill where the archer was. This time, take the left path. When you take the left path, you’ll find yourself in front of a shrine with a long set of stairs. There will be a flame wheel on the ground. Kill that yokai first before approaching the yokai realm at the stairs. A shadow-reaper looking yokai will appear. Kill that as well or avoid it before killing the skeleton warrior faking its death.

When you’re done with them, climb all the way to the top where you’ll reach a shrine. Open the doors within the shrine and it’ll lead you into a cave. Follow the path inside until you reach another set of doors. Upon opening the doors, you’ll find yourself in a cave full of glittering lights.

Enter the cave and you’ll fight a sword-wielding yokai with a fire Oni-bi. Kill the Oni-bi to enchant your weapon before killing the yokai. However, the moment you do – you’ll fight a familiar face…

Boss Fight: Onryoki (again…)

Man, doesn’t this guy know how to die!? Anyway, the good news is – he doesn’t have his wrecking balls. He instead fights you without them and charges at you, swiping. Watch out for his swipes and stick to close to him. Dance around him and always strike him from behind.

Monitor your ki as well as he releases yokai energy which eats it up. Some Oni-bi will float around and you can use that to your advantage. Kill them off to enchant your weapon in order to deal more damage.

After defeating him, you’ll hear a mother’s lamenting words before finally completing the mission.

mountain of remorse

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