Nioh - Usable Items List

This page contains all usable items obtained in Nioh on PS5 and PS4. Included are each item's descriptions, effects and where to find them throughout the game.

Nioh and Nioh 2 (including all DLCs) are also bundled in the Nioh Collection on PS5.

In Nioh, various usable items can be obtained regularly throughout the game. Be sure to stock up on these items as they will come in very handy as you take on ruthless Yokai in each mission.

Please note that we will be updating this list as more information becomes available.

Usable Items

Below is a list of usable items in Nioh, including their effects and where to obtain them.

Name Effects Where to Obtain
Elixir Partially heals the user.
Shingiku Medicine Fully heals the user.
Sacred Water Boost Ki recovery speed for a short duration.
Small Spirit Stone Grants the user 100 Amrita.
Spirit Stone Grants the user 500 Amrita.
Famed Samurai’s Locks Grants the user a Samurai skill point.
Famed Ninja’s Locks Grants the user a Ninja skill point.
Famed Onmyo Mage’s Locks Grants the user an Onmyo skill point.
Himorogi Branch Abandons a mission and returns the user to the starting point.
Hyottoko Mask Shoots flames from its mouth into the area around you.
Kayaku-dama Explodes and damages enemies in the area when thrown.
Horoku-dama Explodes and greatly damages enemies in the area when thrown.
Stone A plain rock. Can be thrown.
Fire Amulet Imbues fire element to your weapon.
Thunder Amulet Imbues thunder element to your weapon.
Water Amulet Imbues water element to your weapon.
Signpost Talisman Points to the next destination when used.
Moment Talisman Summons a Guardian Spirit to attack enemies for a short duration.
Raven Tengu Tokko Reduces damage from falling and increases resistance to wind attacks.
Uchiko Powder Raises Familiarity temporarily.
Whetstone Restores Familiarity of equipped weapon by 150.
Shinobi Box Restores 30% of the maximum number of Ninjutsu items that can be prepared.
Sacred Brush Restores 30 % of the maximum number of Onmyo items that can be prepared.
Yokai Incense Used to attract Yokai.
Book of Reincarnation Used to reallocate Amrita and skill points by resetting the user’s level and skills.

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