Elements & Elemental Effects [Nioh]

This section contains a list of every element in the game as well as their effects

In Nioh, there are different types of elements that William can use to enhance the offensive or defensive power of his weapons. Not only do elements increase the strength of weapons, but they can also target the weaknesses of almost every enemy in the game. However, these elements can also be used against William, so be careful when fighting enemies and bosses as they can deal critical status effects against you.

Your weapons can gain elemental powers through an amulet, an accessory that can be bought or crafted in the game. Here is a list of every element in the game as well as their effects.

Elements and Effects


The Fire Element is an offensive type which can deal damage on opponents after you hit them. One katana strike is followed up with a burn effect that deals low to moderate damage.


The Water Element increases the damage that your enemies will take over time, which means that your weapon deals more damage through each strike. This element is perfect when performing combos.


The Wind Element is one of the most technical elements in the list due to its ability to reduces the enemy’s chances to block/parry as well as their resistance to break. This element is good when you have an enemy who constantly blocks your attacks.


The Lightning Element can decrease the enemy’s movement and attack speed, making it easier to dodge attacks and land a strike.


This is another technical element because of its ability to double the enemy’s Ki consumption. Having this element can help you land strong attacks and finishers easily. It also affects how many times the enemy can move because it is now forced to regain Ki.


This element works the same as the Fire Element because of how it can damage the opponent several times with just one hit. However, poison can deal more damage than a burn.


This element can paralyze or freeze the opponent in a certain amount of time. It is perfect for landing combos where the enemy cannot strike back.


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  1. For raw damage and convince seems fire would be best . Granted poison would be a good choice as well but for starters fire would be easier to achieve from the start. In my experience in over 3000 games visited all other elements seems to be less to but that again depends on build and how dedicated your are to your element. Wotw allows grace sets to drop. There’s is a set for each element other than poison. But poison can be buffed from accessories and a single dev he coiled snake kobuto.