Nioh - The Ghosts of Sawayama Sub Mission Walkthrough

This page contains a walkthrough on the Sub Mission The Ghosts of Sawayama for Nioh on PS5 and PS4. Included are all items, weapons, armor, enemies and bosses encountered in the game.

Nioh and Nioh 2 (including all DLCs) are also bundled in the Nioh Collection on PS5.

Ghosts of Sawayama is a Sub Mission that occurs in the province of Omi. Naomasa tasks you to inspect the aberrations that have formed beneath the Sawayama Castle.

This Sub Mission consists of eliminating Crystals that have formed in the Sawayama Castle. Usually it involves taking out a combination of Yokai alongside one or two Onymo Magicians surrounding them.

Sub Mission – The Ghosts of Sawayama Walkthrough

Region Omi
Gold 41700
Amrita 79164
Reward Hinomotogo (FIRE), Spirit Iron Fragment x9, Summoner’s Candle x1


You start off in the lair surrounded by snake head figures, make your way upstairs to find the Shrine at the floor above to pray at. Go around the stairs railing to find an open room, destroy the Yokai Lamp to reveal the path, head forward. Turn left and destroy the Yokai talisman blocking the path to get through. Enter to find some soldiers camped here, sneak past one to finish him off easily, then destroy the Crystal to obtain some Large Spirit Stones x3. Now proceed to defeat the remaining soldiers. Return to the area where you destroyed the Yokai Lamp then turn right to find a flight of stairs.

Ascend carefully then dodge the incoming attack from the soldier before you land attacks of your own. Get to the top of the stairs and enter the opening of a room shaped like a Snake’s head. Check the contents of the Chest to obtain some items. Backtrack outside then pass through the irregular shaped cavity on the other side. Get through the passage then exit through the ventilation hole to jump back down to the flight of stairs.


Take a left turn, to descend the stairs. Take a step back and wait for the Wheel Yokai to turn smash into the wall to stagger, then follow with a chain of attacks, repeat until it eventually falls. Head straight to exit through another cavity shaped like a Snake’s head, then turn right, be wary of the crescent slash from the incoming soldier. Follow the trail to encounter another soldier so be prepared. Continue straight, then turn to the second left opening and destroy the Crystal, be wary of the Amrita Fiend roaming about and take it out after.


Return back to the hall, then backtrack until you reach a split path, turn left to reach a dimly lit area. As you go, an armed Sentry lurches before you, so be sure to take it out by timing its robotic movements with dodges. Head straight then destroy the Yokai Lamp, tread carefully to avoid a surprise from the guarding Onibi x2 and the following Sentry that appears at a blind corner. Keep going through this path then take on the next Amrita Fiend at the corner. Proceed to the cleared path then turn right to find a chest, examine it to obtain an item.


Go back outside then make a left turn through a grilled door left ajar. Enter it then pass through another cavity to get to the lower level. Take out the Sentry which will sluggishly come after you. Navigate through the cavern to find a corpse and reap the item left from its remains. Turn left passing through a mounted torch on the cave’s walls, and be wary of the Oneeyed Yokai that comes out from the Yokai talisman. Destroy the Yokai Lamp along with the Oni-bi, then take out the Oneeyed Yokai along with the Onmyo magician that remain.

Return to the cavern to locate the next mechanism where another Onmyo magician can be seen praying over it, take him out along with the Sentry and Onibi. Head forward, past some cobweb covered walls, a Sentry will ambush you from the back so be sure to be on guard. Go straight through then turn left, take cover and bait the Onmyo Magician. Step back as he attempts to pursue you, eventually some fire projectiles will kill him. Repeat this to clear all the Onmyo Magicians in a row. After clearing the area, destroy the lone black Crystal.


Be prepared to face the Boss that will arise from the ground.

Boss: Otani Yoshitsugu

Luckily he only spawns after defeating the pesky Onmyo Magicians. Similar to his Main Mission form, he can still enchant his Dual Katana to burst with a light blue aura. Time your dodges well to avoid suffering a lethal blow during his deadlier form.

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