Nioh - The Trail of the Master Sub Mission Walkthrough

This page contains a walkthrough on the Sub Mission The Trail of the Master for Nioh on PS5 and PS4. Included are all items, weapons, armor, enemies and bosses encountered in the game.

Nioh and Nioh 2 (including all DLCs) are also bundled in the Nioh Collection on PS5.

The Sub Mission Trail of the Master takes William on a quest in the Tokai Region to locate Senji Tome’s missing grand father. Similar to other areas, the bathhouse has been found to be contaminated with malicious energy.

Sub Mission – The Trail of the Master Walkthrough

Proceed to the left to locate the Shrine, ignore the right door. Turn left then enter the left door, be wary of the Oni-bi and dweller that comes out of the Hot Spring. Ascend the stairs then turn left, cross the balcony to reach the opposite side. Head through the doorway then get to the second room to encounter the pool Yoki. Clear the area then examine the Wood Tile: “I.” Go through the following room and take out the Ninja. Leave the area by going through the right door.

Pass through the balcony ledge for the second time then get through the opposite side. Ascend the spiral staircase then leave through the doorway. Heading left will trigger a Yokai Realm which summons a fighter. Take him out then descend through the balcony. Get through the doorway to a room, then pass through to arrive in another room which houses Hot springs. A mini Umi-bozu will spawn, finish it off then head to the adjacent room. Another Yokai realm stands here, approach it to fight an Onyudo. Take it out then obtain the next Wood Tile: “Ro.”

Leave by the doorway to return to the balcony ledge, then turn right. Defeat the incoming Dweller, then get around the balcony to locate the elevator. Take out the Yokai Warrior that will join you, then smash through the fragile doors to your right. Defeat the Yokai inside then get to the next room to find a swarm of Yokai. Take them out and destroy the furniture. Examine the edge to find a Kodama.

You may opt to ignore the elevator and jump down from several platforms to get through an area which contains some items and a corpse to loot. As you pass by, check the bookcase fixed on the wall to locate a Kodama.

Climb all the way back to the top then jump down the platforms to locate a broken wall. Note the Kodama which can be accessed from the other side of the room. Get down to the floor to locate the remains of the body bearing a Hyottoko Mask x1 and Medicine Case. Leave the room then get to the Shrine. Make a right turn to reach the Spiral Stairs footing. Take note of the stairs for now, and turn through the left side of the stairs. Examine the stack of pottery for the last Kodama of the area.

Return to the landing then ascend the steps. Jump off to reach the lower balcony. Go through, passing by the shrine through the left doorway to find the Hot Spring that houses Oni-Bi x2, and a massive Dweller. Take them out then check the Nurikabe that remains. Locate for the hot spring then examine the treasure chest to obtain the Ginshu Hand Cannon.

Return to the elevator and get to the last level, before it reaches the very depths, move to the platform. Get through the trail to find a resting corpse, examine it for a Wood Tile: “Ha,” then jump off to reach the lowest level.

Take out the swarm of Dwellers that will appear from the Hot Spring. Locate the Double Doors and use the 3 tiles to unlock it. Go through and prepare to engage in a battle against the Flying Bolt and Raven Tengu. Eliminate the two to receive the Back Room Key. Get through the sliding double doors and unlock it with the newly snatched Key to find the missing man. Talk to him to end the Mission.

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