Nioh - Bosses Strategy Guide Summary

A list of all bosses in Nioh on the PS5 and PS4. Click on a guide to go to a boss strategy page with information on how to beat it, recommended weapons, skills, and abilities.

Nioh and Nioh 2 (including all DLCs) are also bundled in the Nioh Collection on PS5.

In Nioh, Bosses often emerge near the end of a certain Mission. These serve as each Mission’s final test of skill as Bosses employ very interesting combat styles which require strict timing, pattern recognition, tactics and endurance to defeat.

Boss Strategy Guide Summary

Below is a list of all bosses encountered in Nioh, including their stats, and basic strategies on how to beat them.

Derrick the Executioner

Source: Youtube

Encountered: Prologue Main Mission

Boss Strategy: Get to the side to carefully dodge his attacks then pierce through with the Axe.

Once he activates his second form, time correctly and dodge any incoming attacks by strafing to the side. Attack him whenever there’s an opportunity and quickly step back, rinse and repeat.


Source: KOEI Tecmo

EncounteredIsle of Demons Mission

Boss Strategy: Immediately move to his back as he is about to strike, then connect as much damage as you can. Perform the block whenever he swings his chain.


Source: Youtube

EncounteredDeep in the Shadows Mission

Boss Strategy: Repeat the same strategy of dodging using the side as she closes in since if she catches you paralyzed, her follow up will kill you instantly. Maintain a good distance and dodge to the side. It is recommended to arm with the Spear due to its long reach. Dodge and wait until she fails to connect a combo, then strike her since she becomes vulnerable to multiple hits.


Source: Team Ninja via dualshockers

Encountered: Spirit Stone Slumbers Mission

Boss Strategy: When she is about to unleash its poison or lightning moves, immediately execute a barrage to the left side of her head. The best stance to adapt is Low Stance in conjunction with the Spear. She will eventually weaken, depleting her of any remaining Ki, therefore call upon the Guardian Spirit and finish her off.

Tachibana Muneshige

Source: Attack of the Fanboy

Encountered: Spirit Stone Slumbers Mission, An Invitation from the Warrior of the West Sub Mission

Boss Strategy: Step back whenever he attempts to strike you, this makes him whiff, enabling you to punish him with a combination of High Stance/ Mid Stance strikes. He will eventually run out of Ki, making him prone to getting downed, when this happens press Triangle. Rinse and repeat.

Great Centipede

Source: Youtube

Encountered: Chugoku, The Silver Mine Wreathes Main Mission

Boss Strategy: The strategy against its First Phase is to dodge its attacks and striking its legs immediately.

The second phase is similar to the Onryoki boss in which you need to reach for its back and deliver several quick blows on its legs. Perform a block when its about to strike with its mouth so that you only suffer less damage. Repeat the same process of avoiding its mouth and it will eventually go down.


Source: Team Ninja via dualshockers

EncounteredThe Ocean Roars Again Main Mission

Boss Strategy: Prepare the 3 evil warding bonfires prior to engaging it in battle.

Equip the fast weapon, the dual katanas then keep a low stance. For the First Phase, since Umi-bozu appears for only a brief duration, immediately go after it and strike it with light attacks. Dodge by approaching it since it dispatches more harmful long-ranged moves than short ones.

The Second Phase activates once it hits 1/3 of its health. It will beckon you to fight on the platform. The dodge timing becomes more strict this time, so be wary whenever it will unleash its attacks. Continue to deliver light low stance attacks, then finally finish it off with a combo once it becomes stunned.


Source: Youtube

EncounteredFalling Snow Main Mission

Boss Strategy: The best weapon to use are Ranged such as Bows and Rifles. She differs from most bosses given her mediocre health. If you prefer to use Close Quarters Combat, take advantage of side dodging as she launches projectiles, then stay back from the ice Area of Effect, to which you should immediately follow up with several strikes while she’s vulnerable.

When you have dealt severe damage, she suddenly becomes more aggressive, making her prone to Ranged attacks. However, when the opportunity presents itself, execute the Guardian Spirit.


Source: Youtube

EncounteredSpider Nest Castle Main Mission

Boss Strategy: When she performs her attack, dodge and get behind her then strike her weak point which is indicated by the glowing portion. Land several hits until she turns around, then avoid her attacks and strike her front and strafe to dodge as you go.

White Tiger

Source: Youtube

EncounteredThe Demon of Mount Hiei Main Mission

Boss Strategy: Evade and quickly strike its rear. Be wary of his speed and execute low stance. He is similar to Yuki-Onna due to his low health, therefore time right and perform the Guardian Spirit.

Giant Toad

Source: KOEI Tecmo

EncounteredThe Iga Escape Main Mission

Boss Strategy: Do not underestimate the sluggish Giant Toad as it can one-shot you. It is recommended to time correctly and dodge its slow attacks, then quickly land blows on its back. Retreat whenever it springs upwards. If it prepares its spear, immediately approach it then land some hits. The key to baiting it to perform the spring attack is to get behind it. When it has weakened, it will start throwing bombs. Get close to it, and it will fail to hit you. When it’s health is at 1/3rd, perform the Guardian Spirit.


Source: KOEI Tecmo

Encountered: Memories of Death-Lilies Main Mission

Boss Strategy: If you remember the strategy to defeating Onryoki, this will be similar. This fight will require executing the low stance coupled with some fancy footwork. Get back, then reach for the left when she attempts to strike you. Deal several slashes on her side. Stick to the left to maximize your chances of avoiding any of her attacks. If she manages to jump, retreat to avoid suffering from the AoE. When she has weakened, she will begin to perform even longer reaching jumps which are more accurate than her previous attacks. Finally, call upon the Guardian Spirit to end the battle.

Honda Tadakatsu

Source: Youtube

EncounteredThe Defiled Castle Main Mission

Boss Strategy: Focus on breaking the 3 purple crystals in the arena. Another way is by performing the Guardian Spirit immediately.


Source: Youtube

EncounteredThe Defiled Castle Main Mission

Boss Strategy: Use side dodges whenever she tries to launch projectiles or starts a combo. Arm the spear and use mid stance to deal damage. One of the best skills to use is the spearfall skill which you could land while she’s in a tight corner. Execute a ground finisher for major damage.

Saika Magoichi

Source: Youtube

EncounteredImmortal Flame Main Mission

Boss Strategy: Equip dual katanas and use low stance. Execute a chain with your weapon, then stop the combo just before the gauge becomes empty. When he starts abusing his aerial dash, perform side dodges and attack him while he’s vulnerable, you may opt to use the Guardian Spirit to knock him down easier.

Otani Yoshitsugu

Source: Youtube

EncounteredSekigahara Main Mission

Boss Strategy: The initial round is easy since he doesn’t do much damage. However, be cautious once his swords are imbued with a light blue color since there’s a possibility you will get knocked out by one shot. Shift to low stance each time his swords are glowing so that you dodge better.

Shima Sakon

Source: Youtube

Encountered: Sekigahara Main Mission

Boss Strategy: Shima is a spear wielder who specializes in high stance spear combat. Watch closely whenever he tries to slam his spear since this gives you the chance to attack him. There are some environmental hazards that can disrupt his pattern too, so it’s best to add those to your strategy.

Similar in function to the Living Weapon, his own weapon may also glow, thus you should continue to strafe left and right, keep whittling him down while being mindful of your Ki gauge.


Source: Youtube

EncounteredThe Source of Evil Main Mission

Boss Strategy: Obtain the item needed to alter the red crystals’ color, these will provide you an easier time to deal with the Gasha-dokuro later on. As soon as the battle commences, strike the glowing portion of its hands or feet, this gives you a chance to incapacitate it. After destroying one, immediately reach for the peak of the hill, then deliver as much blows to its head as you can before it regains consciousness. Repeat this process about 4 times.

The activated Living Weapon also functions very well given that it will replenish due to the orange crystals.

Ishida Mitsunari

Source: Youtube

Encountered: A Defiled Holy Mountain Main Mission

Boss Strategy: Wield the Spear at mid stance, this provides you a chance to attack him and maximizes your chances of avoiding his katana. If you are far from him, be wary and dodge his projectiles. Attack him with strong spear attacks in order to remove his Ki, once it reaches 0, perform a finisher or launch a strong combo to end the battle.

Obsidian Samurai

Source: Youtube

EncounteredThe Samurai from Sawayama Main Mission

Boss Strategy: The strategy against its First Phase is to dodge its attacks and striking its legs immediately.

The second phase is similar to the Onryoki boss in which you need to reach for its back and deliver several quick blows on its legs. Perform a block when its about to strike with its mouth so that you only suffer less damage. Repeat the same process of avoiding its mouth and it will eventually go down.

Oda Nobunaga

Source: Youtube

EncounteredThe Demon King Revealed Main Mission

Boss Strategy: A Mid stance spear works very well due to its respectable reach. It also maximizes your chances of dodging as opposed to other close-range weapons. Dealing at most 3 heavy strikes should whittle him down to a manageable health (~1/4), finish him off with the Living Weapon.

Edward Kelley

Source: Youtube

EncounteredThe Demon King Revealed Main Mission

Boss Strategy: Be wary of the short and long range attacks dealt by his Guardian Spirit. One of his more deadly attacks is when he uses the shield, thus maintain some distance before closing in. Deal some chip damage using the Mid stance Spear. When his Ki is fully depleted, perform some heavy attacks to until he finally goes down.

Ii Naomasa

Source: Famitsu

EncounteredThe Red Oni of the Ii Sub Mission

Boss Strategy: The best way to handle Naomasa is to execute the Spearfall Skill at max Ki gauge using the High Stance. This enables you to have some excess Ki to dodge his retaliations. Prepare a ground finisher to strike him while he’s temporarily incapacitated to deal even more damage. Rinse and repeat to finally close the battle.

Marume Nagayoshi

Source: Famitsu

Encountered: Way of the Warrior: Adept Master Mission

Boss Strategy: Prepare with the Mid stance. Play defensively, when he staggers, deliver a heavy strike, this shortens his Ki. Repeat this process until his Ki gauge worsens, then assume a more offensive tactic. By the time he drops to the ground, unleash an attack for some chip damage, take advantage of the instance when he becomes vulnerable and he will soon meet his end.

Hattori Hanzo

Source: Youtube

Encountered: The Way of the Ninja: Veteran Master Mission

Boss Strategy: The best weapon to equip for this battle are fast Weapons. Perform the low stance for this battle. Dodge the incoming hit, then quickly reach for his back and deliver a heavy blow. His guard will eventually be worn out, making him even more vulnerable to heavy strikes. Continue with the same tactic and he will soon fall.


Source: Youtube

Encountered: The Demon King Revealed Main Mission

Boss Strategy: Focus on one of the 5 heads at a time and deliver some combos as soon as the battle begins. Whenever it attempts to rotate its head, back away and do a quick roll if necessary to maximize your chances of evading any potential damage. Repeat this process to each head and it will eventually perish. Note that the order of each element per head in a clockwise fashion is: Wind, Water, Lightning, Fire then finally Earth.

Hundred Eyes

Source: Youtube

Encountered: Epilogue Main Mission

Boss Strategy: Deemed as the ‘true final boss’ of Nioh, battling him requires aiming for his weakness, the rear. Before anything else, a fire enchanted weapon with magic buffs work excellently against this boss. Thus, employ a similar strategy as when you fought the Great Centipede, with the exception of moving faster for this match. You might want to defeat each of the summoned eyes that deal projectile laser damage, but if you eliminate all but 1, it will be easier to just strike Hundred Eyes himself since he’s vulnerable.

Crystal projectiles is one move you should be wary of since if you make a mistake, it’s game over. Unleash the Living Weapon when he summons the eye lasers for the second time. Keep hitting his back and he will soon be defeated.

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