Nioh - Guardian of the Underworld Sub Mission Walkthrough

This page contains a walkthrough on the Sub Mission Guardian of the Underworld for Nioh on PS5 and PS4. Included are all items, weapons, armor, enemies and bosses encountered in the game.

Nioh and Nioh 2 (including all DLCs) are also bundled in the Nioh Collection on PS5.

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Sub Mission – Guardian of the Underworld Walkthrough

Region Chugoku
Gold 13700
Amrita 3960
Reward Smithing Text: Yokai Water Pot, Spirit Iron Fragment x6, Wind Amulet x3, Young Onmyo Mage’s Locks

The Sub Mission Guardian of the Underworld pits you against three waves of enemies. You’ll have to learn how to manage through crowds of enemies and not allow them to surround you.

This Sub Mission is also good for farming Gold, with some Amrita and equipment on the side.

As the Sub Mission begins, a wave of Yokai will begin to spawn and come in your direction. There are only composed of Dwellers and not a big threat. More of them will appear in addition to a Fire Oni-bi, which you should take down first. Your weapon will be imbued with fire if you kill the Oni-bi first, which is useful against the Dwellers.

After clearing the Dwellers, a giant one will appear. It’s armed with Pickaxe, though it attacks just like any other Dweller in the game. Just make sure you don’t get hit as its size suggests an improved range and damage. After taking out the Giant Dweller, you’ll come up to two Yokai fiends and afterwards, another Fire Oni-bi. As usual, take out the Oni-bi first to get the elemental buff to your weapon, then manage through the Yokai fiends. Try to keep them spaced as much as possible, as they can overwhelm you if they attack as a group.

The third and final wave of enemies consists of Fire and Lightning Oni-bis, a Cyclops Oni and a Cyclops Imp. Be mindful of the Imp as it can transform into an Oni if it manages to attack you and absorb your Amrita. Deal with the Oni-bis first to gain each one’s element to your weapon, then engage the Cyclops Oni. Finally, kill the Cyclops Imp before it transforms into an Oni. Once you’ve eliminated all enemies, the Sub Mission will be completed.

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