Nioh - Deep in the Shadows Main Mission Walkthrough

This page contains a walkthrough on the Main Mission Deep in the Shadows for Nioh on PS5 and PS4. Included are all items, weapons, armor, enemies and bosses encountered in the game.

Nioh and Nioh 2 (including all DLCs) are also bundled in the Nioh Collection on PS5.

Main Mission – Deep in the Shadows Walkthrough

Region Kyushu
Kodama 8
Reward Hand Cannon, Hand Cannon Ammunition x3, Legenday Strategist’s Garb Zukin

As you make your way into the caves, a cutscene will ensue. Afterwards, proceed inside. Head for the Shrine and increase your Stats and Skills if you need to. Then, head for the path ahead where two guards will be.

Take them out from a distance with a rifle (if you have ammo) or engage them up close. After killing them, make a right and pick up 2 Arrows and a Yokai Water Pot from a chest. There will be another chest that contains a Hyottoko Mask, as well as a Small Spirit Stone. Then, make for the right to go out in the open side of the cliff but be careful of an enemy that will try to push you off. He will come from a little opening in the mountain almost before the fenced part of the area.

You will come up to the next cave. As you approach the entrance, keep your guard up as bats will greet you as you approach the entrance, making it possible for you to fall off the cliff. Further into the area are four guards. Lure two of them one at a time (the one on the walkway and then one of those sitting down). After killing them both, the third guard will come at you alone. Kill him as well and proceed to the room on the right to fight another guard. After taking care of the guards, head down to the path from under the elevated walkway and proceed down until you come up to an enemy. Kill him and come out of the cave.

Outside the cave, prepare to engage three guards, one will be on your left and the rest on your right (one of them has a bow). First, lure the guard on the right, then the one on the left. When the bowman is alone, kill him. After taking care of them, proceed left. You will come up to a fork path where one leads to a Hotspring. Bathing in one gives you temporary health regeneration. The other path resumes the mission. Make your way up the cliff and you will come up to a cut part. Head inside the cut path and kill a guard there (he will try to push you off the cliff if you don’t entered the cut part of cliff). Afterwards, head to the next cave.

Many Yokai can be found lurking in this area. Fire is particularly good against Yokai, so any item you can use to burn them (Fire Amulets, Horoku-dama, Hyottoko Masks) will be very useful here. You will soon come to a Shrine were you can heal. Then, proceed further into the cave.

Enemies here like to ambush you a lot, so be prepared to have your guard up at all times. Bats will try to attack you, as well as enemies hiding in crates. From the Shrine, you can head down the ramp and arrive at a Yokai summoning portal and some distance away, an enemy bowman. It’s best to take out the ranged enemy first, then activate the portal and kill off the Yokai. After taking care of the portal and Yokaim make your descent down the walkway. From there, make a left and up to a guard that you need to kill. You will soon come up to another fork path: one of them leads to a ladder to a lower path, while the other one goes to the right. Take the right path and kill the guard you come across. From here, drop down to a lower path on your left. Follow the path until you encounter a Yokai. Kill it and make for the Shrine not much farther.

Rest at the Shrine then kick down the ladder in front of it. As you come down, there will be a guard that you need to take out. You can also try to kill it in one hit by doing a dive attack from the cliff. Afterwards, continue descending by taking the next ladder down, then proceed to the path ahead. You will come to an area with a lot of Yokai. The best strategy is to lure them out individually, then kill them off. Use a stone or anything to attract their attention, then take them out with no help.

Proceed to the end of the cave and up to some Yokai in front of the path to your left. Then proceed to the path approaching the boss. Antiparalytic Needles will be very useful for the boss fight of this Mission. When you’re ready, head for the walkway on the left at the tunnel on the ground level. As you approach the walkway, you’ll need to guard up as you come near a room to avoid getting damaged by bats. Once you come to a hole at the end of the path, drop down to the boss fight.

Boss Battle – Hino-Enma

Main article: Hino-Enma Boss Guide

Hino-enma is a female yōkai, and is the third boss you will face in Nioh’s main adventure. The battle with Hino-enma begins when you enter a cave; a cutscene will be triggered, showing her victims hanging from the cave’s ceiling until she herself is revealed.

The easiest way to defeat Hino-enma is to circle around her while locked on to her. Distance is key here, so spears are your best bet in this encounter because they can damage her from afar. Try to evade her attacks while drawing in closer, then time your hits as she is finishing her attacks.

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