Nioh - How to Get the Best Ninja Armor Set

This page contains a guide on how to get the best Ninja Armor - The Head of the Iga Ninja, including armor pieces and weapons in Nioh on PS5 and PS4.

Nioh and Nioh 2 (including all DLCs) are also bundled in the Nioh Collection on PS5.

In Nioh, there are various armor sets that give specific bonuses that synergize with different styles of play. Among the strongest and most popular of these character builds is the Ninja, which makes use of Dual Katanas and Kusarigama, as well as Ninjutsu skills. To optimize the Ninja character build, you should get the best Ninja Armor Set – The Head of the Iga Ninja, the armor worn by Hattori Hanzo. The pieces of the Armor Set are individually called Iga Jonin Apparel: Hachigane (head), Do (Torso), Kote (Arm), Hizayoroi (Legs) and Suneate (Feet).

How to obtain the best Ninja Armor Set – The Head of the Iga Ninja

To obtain the Head of the Iga, you should have already gotten access to the Tokai Region where most of the ninjas in Nioh reside. The Mission you have to complete is Main Mission The Iga Escape (Mission Level 70). Once you’ve done so, you will be able to do the Dojo Mission The Way of the Ninja: Veteran (Mission level 65). You will be up against Hattori Hanzo in the Dojo who you can farm multiple times for him to drop every piece of the Head of the Iga Armor Set.

Easily Farming Hattori Hanzo

While he is not entirely difficult to beat, his tendency to evade and escape before you can unleash an all-out attack on him is quite annoying. Click here to view our Hattori Hanzo Farming Guide.

The Head of the Iga Ninja Armor Set Bonuses

The Head of the Iga Ninja Set gives good bonuses to Ninja weapons and in general, builds heavily focused on using Ninjutsu. Below are the individual pieces of the set that when equipped, will prove to be the best Ninja equipment in the game.

To achieve the full bonus of the Head of the Iga set, you should be wearing the complete Iga Jonin Armor Set as well as the Oninamida Muramasa and Onikiba Kusarigama weapons (which also drop from him). These 7 pieces of equipment will grant you the Head of the Iga set bonus, which is the best in the game for Ninja builds.

Please note that bonus percentages will vary depending on the level of the equipped item.

Armor Pieces Worn Bonus
2 +1% Damage Reduction, +31% Recover Ninjutsu Items
4 +6.1% Close Combat Damage, +50 Ninjutsu Power
5 +20% Dash Endurance
7 A rating Ninjutsu Damage Bonus

Iga Jonin Apparel: Hachigane (Head)

Iga Jonin Apparel: Do (Torso)

Iga Jonin Apparel: Kote (Arm)

Iga Jonin Apparel: Hizayoroi (Legs)

Iga Jonin Apparel: Suneate (Feet)


Oninamida Muramasa

Onikiba Kusarigama

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  1. To Farm this effectively you will need around 110 luck on your character.
    The items drop quicker with this method.