Nioh - Falling Snow Main Mission Walkthrough

This page contains a walkthrough on the Main Mission Falling Snow for Nioh on PS5 and PS4. Included are all items, weapons, armor, enemies and bosses encountered in the game.

Nioh and Nioh 2 (including all DLCs) are also bundled in the Nioh Collection on PS5.

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Main  Mission – Falling Snow Walkthrough

Region Kinki

After discovering the Hidden Teahouse, you’ll find yourself in the Snowy Honnjoi Temple. When you spawn, look to your left and find a corpse with Salt x1 and a Shrine. Heal and up gather your blessings before proceeding. If you proceed towards the righ, there’s an enemy patrolling in front of the crystal cluster. When interacting with the crystal cluster, it will trigger some info about tracing its origin.

Conginue on to take out the flaming archer standing near a lantern. Take out the other swordsman attempting t o attack you from within the structure. Check inside the structure where the swordsman attacked you. Investigate and find the corpse along the wall with a Hooked Kusari-gama.

After that head inside the structure to take out the enemy and loot the small chest in here for Horoku-dama x1. With that, you can go up the snow ramp to get to the roof. If you make a round around the roof, you’ll find a corpse with Rifle Ammunition x3. Head towards the ladder before spotting an enemy down below. Finish it off with a falling blow before making your way ahead to finds a closed double door to a house. When you’re done, head right and loot a corpse with Spirit Stone x2. There’s also another just beyond it for some amrita. After that, 2 blue floating heads. Defeat them and head forward. There, one of the long-tongue yokai will appear.

When you defeat it, take the next path on the right to find a Shrine at the end. Make your way back and take the path opposite from the shrine to find a Kodama  by a destroyed hut. Guiding him back, continue ahead to the area with the well. Attack the well and drop the stone before raising the bucket to obtain the Spirit Stone x1.

When you look ahead, there is a set of double doors that cannot be opened as of the moment. From the well, hanf left to find an archer enemy. However, don’t do a Leeroy Jenkins it. There’s an oni yokai hiding right behind the snow bank.  If you have ranged weapons, give the archer a head shot before engaging the yokai. But be warned, the yokai has ice crystals sprouting out of its back. It also wields a large axe. He can dish out a lot of damage so watch out.Conserve you ki and stay back when he attacks.

After defeating the yokai, proceed and head left near the crystal cluster. Interact with it and you’ll find a floating demon head and a corpse. Loot the corpse for Fire Amulet x2.

Continue on until you see a group of butterflies. Kill them for a conversation and the crystal clusters you have been seeing can be destroyed. Return to the last crystal cluster you encountered and destroy it. Walk through to come back for the yokai. After that, kill it and loot it for some Uchiko Powder x1 and a Whetstone x1.

When you’re done, proceed on and hang left to unlock the double door. The moment it opens, you found yourself a shortcut. Head down the other path and face down another Oni Yokai. Slaughter it and continue down the path. Head left down the lit path to face a floating female figure. She’ll float straight up before trying to stomp on you. Avoid the drop attack and land hits on the side and rear. With that, you’ll defeat her. Head around the path to the right where you’ll find an enemy and a Kodama in the white foliage on the path.

Head back down the path before turning right to find an enemy by the ladder. Defeat it and use the ladder to make your way to the roof. There, you’ll find a corpse with Rifle Ammunition x3.

If you drop down from here to the ground, there’s going to be an ice crystal yokai. It’ll attack you from inside the house. Head left and you’ll find another gather of butterflies. Defeat them and enter the house to grab the large chest inside. After that, find a snowy path leading from the house that you can take out to come to a corpse on a ledge.Loot the corpse for Tokiwa Hand Cannon and Hand Cannon Ammunition x5.


After that, you can head back down the path and return from the area you came from. Head towards the unlocked double door shortcut where you fought the oni. There’s a structure you can enter. Go inside and kill the eyeball yokai without triggering the yokai mist ahead. Reveal the yokai from the mist, a lightning infused cyclops who packs a hefty punch. Watch out for its charges and attack it from its side and rear. When it does its slam attack, dodge and smash it while it’s prone. Defeat it and head outside.

Around the corner to the left, there’s a corpse. Loot it for the Brute’s Axe and Young Samurai’s Locks x1. There’s a large chest in this area. If you head  to the far corner, check behind the wooden fencing for a Kodama. You’re done for the area so take the path back the original way you came. Hang left until you find a ladder and a house. Head up the roof and stay to the right to walk along the snow ledge. There, you’ll find a corpse with an Arrow x3.

Make your way back and destroy the crystal clusters at the earlier parts. Head back to the starting shrine and destroy the first crystal cluster. Proceed into the house and step out. Hang right to head down the snow tunnel. Watch out for the enemy that will attack you from the left. At the end of the path, there’s a corpse with Antidote x2 and a Himorogi Branch x1. Continue around until you find a ladder. Take it and climb to the roof. That way, you have a better vantage point.

Drop down to the ground to find the ice crystal yokai fiend. Smash it down with a falling strike before blocking its frost projectiles. Watch out also for the archer near the lantern. Take those out before approaching the butterfly group. Kill it and move towards the double door barred with a board. Unlock it for another shortcut. With that, head down the alley and hang right of a house. Destroy the crates to find a large chest with Foreigner’s Suneate and Foreigner’s Kote.

With that, head inside the house. Make your way through the broken wall to find a shadow realm yokai, Draw out the long-tongue yokai if you can and take it out one on one. After that, slaughter the spear-wieding soldier. When they’re all dead, loot the corpses for the Sakai Rifle, Rifle Ammunition x10, Yokai Incense x1, and Sacred Ash x1.

Leave the house and destroy the crystal cluster. Step through past the cluster and head left towards the lantern. Destroy the broken wall to find a floating female spectre inside the house. Defeat her and grab the Horoku-dama x1 from the corpse. After that, make your way towards the walkway and kill the spearman. Step out into the broken walkway to the right and open the gilded double doors.

Before you walk in, continue up the walkway. Destroy the broken door and enter the room.On your right, you’ll find a fake wall yokai. Use a blue gesture to appease it otherwise it’ll try to kill you. Kill it and head out the house to take the path to the left around to find a Hot Spring.

Head out of the Hot Spring and hang left to reach an opening with a floating spectre and a fiend yokai. Take them out one at a time to make things easier. Head down the right path to come to a double door and unlock it for the shortcut. Head straight and make your way around the fence for a dead end. At the end, there are frost butterflies. Kill them and head back the way you came. If you hang left, it’ll bring you to the double doors you unlocked from the walkway. On your right, there’s a crystal cluster.

After destroying the crystal cluster, there’s a corpse on your left. Grab some amrita and loot before heading up the steps. Open the double doors to take on the boss.

Boss Battle – Yuki-Onna

As a snow woman, she has a variety of ice-based attacks. Based on Japanese folklore, Yuki-Onna have complete control over the weather and can freeze any trespassers in their tracks.

Main article: Yuki Onna Boss Guide

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