Nioh - The Best and the Worst Twilight Mission Walkthrough

This page contains a walkthrough on the Twilight Mission The Best and the Worst for Nioh on PS5 and PS4. Included are all items, weapons, armor, enemies and bosses encountered in the game.

Nioh and Nioh 2 (including all DLCs) are also bundled in the Nioh Collection on PS5.

Twilight Mission – The Best and the Worst Walkthrough

When the mission begins, you’ll find yourself in front of a Japanese house with the crimson sky shining above you. At the left of the house, you’ll find a shrine tucked away on the side. Check it out to open up a checkpoint, level up your skills, and do whatever you need before the mission begins.

Head up the stairs right in front of you until you reach a large red house. There, you’ll find an oni right next to the house. Beside the oni, there’s also an axe-wielding skeleton warrior and a crystal. Use the bow and arrow to snipe the Oni before  heading up to the crystal. Shatter the crystal and you  should be able to kill them both.

After you break the crystal, there’s a hole beneath where the crystal was. But don’t fall down there. Instead, head up the stairs. When you reach the top of the stairs, there’s an  axe-wielding oni waiting near the house. Kill it and then head up until you see pathway diverging to the left.

Take the left pathway until you reach a small wooden house and a large red Shinto arch. Near it, there’s a grave you can harvest Amrita from along with a Giant Skeleton. Kill the Giant Skeleton and at the end of the path, it splits into two paths. Head right to find a shrine near the house.

Return back to the fork of the path but head left. You’ll find yourself in front of a yokai realm in between two houses. Spawn the Tengu from the yokai realm. However, watch out for the Skeleton Archer firing flaming arrows at you. You can snipe the Archer first and then deal with the Tengu after.

After that, cut across the field and head down the alleyway. It will lead then to a flight of stairs. Follow the stairs down where you’ll find two Oni with crystals nearby. There are two ways to do this. Lead away the oni farthest from the crystal before chopping him to pieces. When you’re done with that, head towards the Oni near the crystal. Stick an arrow into his head and shatter the crystal near it. Or, snipe them both and then shatter the crystal to take them both out.

However, watch out. Hear that sinister sound? Because if you look at the stairway on your right, there’s a Biwa Boku-Boku playing. Best you  kill that pest first before going after the Oni-bi and any revenant it summoned. Next, head up the stairs to find a corpse. Loot it for some Amrita and an item. And if you look behind the lamp near the stairs, there’s a Kodama that needs help getting home.

the best and the worst

Head back up the stairs and return all the way back to the two buildings with the yokai realm pulsing. Go through the house on the right where there are some stairs. There’ll be a couple of enemies there so, kill them off. Cross over to the bridge where the skeleton archer was where you can enter the house. Inside the house, there’s a corpse you can loot for  some Amrita and an item.

Leap off the house and head back to the open courtyard where you killed the two large yokai via  crystal. Instead of going right where the Biwa Boku-Boku was, head left. Climb up the stairs until you come across a house and a bridge. There, enter the house where you can open a large chest. However, beware the sword-wielding skeleton warrior. Kill it and you can loot the large chest for the Legendary Strategist’s Garb: Hakama and Warrior of the West: Suneate.

Swing behind the house where you’ll find a hidden pathway. Head down the pathway until you see another house. Watch out for the Dweller crawling nearby. However, check the left corner nearest to the door. You’ll find a Kodama tucked away inside. 

Head inside the house and you’ll find another shrine near a tree. Grab it for the next checkpoint before heading out.

When you head out, look a little bit east of north and you’ll spot two yokai near a  crystal. Shatter the crystal to move on before falling down the hole. There, you’ll find  the Wheel Demon and the One-Eyed yokai. Kill them both before climbing up the ramp nearby to unveil a Nurikabe. Defeat the Nurikabe to reveal a hidden passageway behind it.

Climb up the ramp and you’ll reach a ladder. Kick down the ladder and you’ll create a shortcut leading back to the shrine inside the house.

Drop down and head out back to the courtyard. Go back to pathway blocked by the crystal and the two oni. But this time, watch out for the hole and run past it to get to the forked road. Take the right side and run straight down before making another right until you reach a wooden house. In front of you, there should also be an axe-wielding Oni. Kill it before running up the path on the left side and you’ll come across a large one-eyed Oni. Kill it and follow the path until you notice another path with stairs heading up. Take the stairs.

When you reach the top of the stairs, you’ll find yourself in front of a temple. Open the doors and you’ll find yourself facing a familiar foe…

Boss Fight: White Tiger

Remember this fluffy white guy? Yeah, he’s going to be here and the last boss fight for the Best and Worst Twilight Mission. Unlike his non-Twilight self, he has more HP and it’ll will be harder to break his Ki bar. Nonetheless, the strategy for him should be relatively the same.

Main Article: White Tiger Boss Fight

After that, you finish the mission! Congratulations!

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