Nioh - A Meeting On The Other Shore Sub Mission Walkthrough

This page contains a walkthrough on the Sub Mission A Meeting on the Other Shore for Nioh on PS5 and PS4. Included are all items, weapons, armor, enemies and bosses encountered in the game.

Nioh and Nioh 2 (including all DLCs) are also bundled in the Nioh Collection on PS5.

Sub Mission – A Meeting On The Other Shore Walkthrough

Welcome to the mission of “A Meeting On The Other Shore”! Well, people don’t normally enter the temple in fear of a curse. A curse known as the Curse of Oda Nobunaga. However, William heads over to investigate a “snarl of Ki”. And when he gets there, he’s in for a surprise.


Boss Fight: Yuki Onna and Oda Nobunaga

William stands in the middle of a frozen temple. But wait, why is it frozen? It ain’t supposed to be! Look forward and you’ll find out why.

Well, guess who doesn’t want to die. Nobunaga’s standing in front of you with his girlfriend – Yuki Onna. So apparently, the “other shore” is basically the after life. Nobunaga isn’t going to go down quietly and neither is Yuki Onna. If you’re going to fight them, don’t stick in one place. Yuki Onna has several projectiles that will hurt you. Plus, Nobunaga has speedy attacks which can rip off chunks off your life.

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Whatever you do, don’t get pinned by either of them. It will hurt.

Focus on them one at the time. Use the Lightning Talisman to stun and slow them down. You can also use the Sloth Talisman to grant you an even bigger speed advantage. Focus on one opponent at a time; bring down Yuki Onna first to rid her off her projectiles and then, focus on Nobunaga.

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