Nioh - Farming Hattori Hanzo

This page contains a guide on how to farm Hattori Hanzo in Nioh on PS5 and PS4. Included are the ways to obtain all pieces of the Head of the Iga Ninja Armor Set bonus.

Nioh and Nioh 2 (including all DLCs) are also bundled in the Nioh Collection on PS5.

To obtain the best possible Ninja equipment (weapons and armor) in Nioh, you’ll need to farm them from Hattori Hanzo in the Training Mission Way of the Ninja: Veteran (which is unlocked after you’ve completed Main Mission The Iga Escape). Hattori Hanzo will drop the Iga Jonin Apparel Set (armor set), as well the as Oninamida Murasama Katana and the Onikiba Kusarigama. You’ll need the complete armor set and both weapons to receive the Head of the Iga Ninja bonus, the best set bonus for the Ninja build in the game.

Farming Hattori Hanzo – Way of the Ninja: Veteran

While he is not entirely difficult to beat, his tendency to evade and escape before you can unleash an all-out attack on him is quite annoying. To make things easier, you can try to use a Kusarigama, a Power Pill and Paralytic Poison. Once you paralyze him, he will be helpless, so perform a Grapple and follow-up with an all-out attack.

When he is defeated, he may drop pieces of the Iga Jonin Apparel set, other high-level gear (among them the Oninamida Muramasa and Onikiba Kusaragima) and some low-level ones as well. Of course, you are going for the Head of the Iga Ninja armor pieces, so just keep farming him until you do. To achieve the full bonus of the set, you should be wearing the complete Iga Jonin Apparel Set as well as the Oninamida Mursamasa and Onikiba Kusarigama weapons. These 7 pieces of equipment will grant you the Head of the Iga set bonus, which is the best in the game for Ninja builds.

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