Nioh - Armor and Smithing Text Farming Method

A guide on how to farm Armor Smithing Texts in Nioh on PS5 and PS4. Included are information on the best stats, skills, and Guardian Spirit for increasing Armor Smithing Text drop rate from enemies.

Nioh and Nioh 2 (including all DLCs) are also bundled in the Nioh Collection on PS5.

In Nioh, it is tedious to farm for certain armor sets and weapons especially when certain Main Missions take a while to finish. Fortunately, there are certain elements that alter the drop rates of these higher rarity armor set pieces and smithing texts.

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Drop Farming Method

There are a handful of factors that influence item drop rates such as: Luck, Skills, and Guardian Spirit. When it comes to farming for certain armor sets, the Smithing Text is required to forge them into Armor Sets.


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This stat increases the quality of items dropped by enemies. It can be obtained from Accessories, one example is the Dancer’s Fan which grants an additional +10 to the stat. Other accessories such as certain elemental charms increase chance drop rate of higher quality equipment.


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Certain Skills may also influence the drop rate of Weapons and Equipment. It is also possible to stack their effects. This summarizes the different recommended Skills to use for farming Smithing Texts from Human sized Bosses.

Skill: Carnage Talisman: III
Prerequisite: (3) Onmyo Magic Skill Points

Cleared Mission: “???”

This Skill does not translate directly to increasing item drops but it increases damage which makes it reliable in terms of defeating Bosses that drop them. Although the Skill decreases your defenses, the trade-off for the attack buff should make farming easier when the boss patterns are kept in check.

A good way to go by this is to utilize the Talisman, then fire a Ranged Weapon to the Boss’ head from afar before the Boss Battle commences. Immediately get behind them, then connect with a surprise attack from behind to knock them down. Perform the Ground finisher to their exposed back. Repeat this process and it should finish them off.

Note that this does not stack with the Power Pill however.

Skill: Luckbringer Talisman: III
Prerequisite: (4) Onmyo Magic Skill Points

Cleared Mission “The Way of the Onmyo: Adept”

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At the cost of 4 Onmyo Magic Skill Points, you can unlock this Skill which basically increases your chance of obtaining Smithing Texts after defeating specific Bosses.

Skill: Shikisen Luck Rite: II
Prerequisite: (4) Onmyo Magic Skill Points

Cleared Mission: “???”

Aside from the Luckbringer Skill, Shikisen Luck Rite also increases your chance of obtaining Smithing Texts.

The first three skills stack excellently with each other especially when facing against human sized Bosses.

Guardian Spirit

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Guardian Spirit: Itokuri
Prerequisite: Cleared Mission: “The Spider Nest Castle”

Certain enemies are identified as Yokai in-game, thus when farming at Missions where these are abundant, the best route is to imbue the Itokuri Guardian Spirit. Apart from other effects, it also increases the chance of obtaining rare items. This should be stacked alongside the first 2 Skill Points. One suggested Main Mission to farm with this Guardian Spirit is either The Spider Nest Castle or The Ocean Roars Again which houses several Yokai which drops items for the Gyousha Set.

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