Sub Mission – The Conspirators Walkthrough [Nioh]


The Sub Mission: The Conspirators starts at the beach that is home to several wrecked ships.

Sub Mission – The Conspirators Walkthrough

Region Chugoku
Gold 18700
Amrita 4040
Kodama 3
Reward Atagi Sadamune, Aya-komori Guardian Spirit, Smithing Text: Atagi Sadamune, Smithing Text: Kingo’s Armor

On your left is a Shrine, whereas behind the boat on your right are bandits. The building at the far side contains a cannon that fires from the distance, thus drive them off with utmost caution. Stick to the left wall, then head upwards and take out the spear wielder. Check the nook at the left to find Signpost Talisman x3 nestled from the corpse. Proceed to the clearing, and evade the Ranged bandit that snipes you from a distance as you get to the platform. As you reach it, take out the bandits to uncover a large chest. Proceed to infiltrate the building and dodge the cannon projectiles.

Enter the ship then pass through the first door to get through the hallway. Check the left side for an expansive area which houses a bandit that jumps on you, take him out and open the small chest, then investigate the room at the other side where a gush of water stems. A mini Umi-bozu will come out from it, take it out then loot the corpse inside the room for some ammo and Salt x2.

Ascend the stairs to reach the deck. Approach the cannon users with stealth and take them out. Defeat the lone bandit while you’re at it. Snipe the Ranged rifleman. Descend the slope to reach the boat boarded by the sniper to obtain Arrow x4 and Horoku-dama from the corpse. Climb the ledge with the sniper to find the second Kodama.

Jump off to the ledge on the other side to reach the adjacent boat. A different variant of the Yokai called the Flying Bolt will come out at you as you push on. Take her out with melee attacks to expose her weakness. An Oni Bi will appear right after, take it out then retrieve the large chest’s content. Head outside to find a Spirit Stone x2. Get down to the lower deck then check the left side for the idle Kodama atop the ridge.

Return to the main boat, then examine the deck’s opposite side for a bandit. Get in to find some barrels, break them to uncover another corpse which possesses Whetstone x2 and Yokai Water Pot x3. Go through the central cabin and investigate the corners for a floor which takes you to the lower floor. This triggers the Giant Skeleton to arrive, once you have overcome it, check for the Kodama and take the item from the large chest.


Backtrack to the cabin above then look for a ladder. Take out the axe wielder Rogue who blocks the path to the large chest. Out from the cabin is another bandit idling by the ladder, defeat him then climb down. Be prepared to fight two more bandits who will rush through the door, you could either get down quickly to position yourself, or bait them by returning up, and knock them down from above.

Pass through to reach the adjacent Wrecked Ship, keeping an eye on the Shadow Realm in front of you, approaching it will trigger a Giant Skeleton. Tread carefully as the battlefield you’re fighting on is surrounded by water. Once you take it out, check the corpse for a Summoner’s Candle. Proceed through the cavern, then check the left side to encounter a Skeleton Warrior that blocks the scarlet door. Check the left side, near the door’s entrance to find a nook that houses a corpse, loot it to get Yottoko Mask x2. Go through the door to enter a room with a corpse in the central area. Approach the corpse to obtain a Himorogi Branch.

Two cunning ninjas will leap out to challenge you. Dish out some light attacks and keep strafing to prepare those dodges as they launch their shurikens out. By the time they fell by the sword, a Fiend will join the fray. Watch out for it since it moves quite fast. With some well-timed evasion connected with fierce blows, it will soon go down, this marks the end of the mission.

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