Nioh - The Ocean Roars Again Main Mission Walkthrough

This page contains a walkthrough on the Main Mission The Ocean Roars Again for Nioh on PS5 and PS4. Included are all items, weapons, armor, enemies and bosses encountered in the game.

Nioh and Nioh 2 (including all DLCs) are also bundled in the Nioh Collection on PS5.

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Main Mission – The Ocean Roars Again Walkthrough

Region Chugoku
Gold 9400
Amrita 4872
Kodama 9
Reward Omamori Charm x3, Hamaya Arrow x2, Sacred Ash x2

William continues on his second journey in the Chugoku Region, where Hideaki tasks him to repel the evil energy contained in Itsukushima in exchange he promises to fix the vessel. Since Hideaki did not seem to do as he was expected, the Shrine has lost its purity and has been taken over by Yokai and pirates.

Itsukushima in Ruins

Descend the steps then interact with the Shrine. The NPC will give you the lowdown on the events, in addition she passes on to you the Fire Amulet and Flint.

You can turn right from the landing to come across a boulder. Take out the Flaming Archers, then proceed to the boulder’s right side path. Examine the corpse for an item.

From the foot of the steps, carefully cross the left bridge. Eliminate the slime that appears, then go left and defeat the enemy by the corner. Still in the same room, get to the other corner and set the evil warding bonfire aflame.

Enter the room ahead of you, be wary of the enemy that will appear on your right. Go inside, pass through the double doors, then open the chest, and take the Oni beside it.

Once you’re done, leave the room then turn left, send the Kodama by the left wall back to the Shrine. Take the right bridge, and defeat the enemy waiting at the opposite side. To your left, finish off the remaining enemy waiting by the corner. Go straight, you will encounter 2 more slimes: the first appears from the ceiling, while the second comes from the right. On your left, arm the Ranged weapon and defeat the archer. When you have cleared the room, proceed straight ahead then take the steps, take out the enemy on the platform. Descend the stairs, then continue along the left railing. A Kodama will be waiting by the boat, be sure to send it back to the Shrine. Backtrack to the platform then ascend the second flight of steps. Turn left, then loot the corpse.

Move to the following platform and take out the Oni and Slime. Return to your original position then enter the double doors.

This area is teeming with enemies so be on guard. When ready, make a left, another Slime will appear on a dead end. Once you have eliminated it, head straight, hug the left side to avoid tripping into the water. An enemy will appear so be sure to take it out, then turn approach the right path, a swordsman will appear. Eliminate him, go forward to find an Oni Yokai. When you defeat it, continue to approach the right to reveal a Shrine.

Get to the corner, move around it then take the plank to reach the back of the structure. Ascend the ladder to get to the rooftop, then continue moving forward until you see another ladder which leads down. Descend it, follow the path and take out the roaming Oni. When the coast is finally clear, set the evil warding bonfire ablaze.

Return to the ladder to ascend it, then turn left. Jump down to get to the boat, then defeat the enemy. Examine the corpse. Smash the crates blocking the way then turn right and get to the area, then take left, pass through the planks. Check the corpse. Continue straight, pass through the boat, then go down to get to the following platform. Defeat the enemy.

Follow the path, check the left side then follow along the skewed planks, take out the 2 enemies aboard the sloping ramp. Ascend the ramp to get to the roof. Remember to stick to the left, be wary of the gaps and the enemy that will appear. Keep going through the roof, take a left through the gap in the following roof. Take out the enemy who will be on the horizon. Reach for the corner where it was originally guarding, then turn right follow the ledge that tapers. When you reach the end, jump down on your right to reveal a Shrine.

Move straight, take a left and loot the corpse for an armor. Examine the double doors to reveal a shortcut. Enter it, a Slime will appear. Take it out, then check the corpse on your left. Follow the path in front of you, pass through the doors, then continue straight while sticking to the left side. When you reach the end of the path, turn right then cross the beam to gain access to a ladder. Climb up the ladder, then take out the enemies at the top. Check the corpse for a Signpost Talisman x1, then examine the corner to encounter a Kodama.

Ascend the ramp, stick to the right passing through the roof’s gap. Turn left, and loot the corpse. By the time you get to the end, jump down on your right. Prepare to kill the slimes that will appear as you go. When you have defeated the slimes, turn around and check for a Kodama which is beside the corner you dropped off of.


Back on track, follow the path closely then turn left to find a room with a corpse and a chest near it. Pass through the open doors, then turn right, prepare to kill the Yokai. Set the third evil warding bonfire aflame. Pass by the torch and check the left side for a Kodama. Return to the room’s entrance, then look for a path to your left, get through the hallway. To your right is a removable talisman affixed on a light grey wall, this will reveal the Yokai. Make your way through, then proceed straight to find a massive gate.

Boss Battle – Umi-Bozu

Main Article: Umi-Bozu Boss Guide

When you’re ready, enter the double door gate to encounter this Main Mission’s Boss, Umi-Bozu.

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