Nioh - Demon’s Daughter Sub Mission Walkthrough

This page contains a walkthrough on the Sub Mission The Demon's Daughter for Nioh on PS5 and PS4. Included are all items, weapons, armor, enemies and bosses encountered in the game.

Nioh and Nioh 2 (including all DLCs) are also bundled in the Nioh Collection on PS5.

Sub Mission – Demon’s Daughter Walkthrough

First off, welcome to the Demon’s Daughter sub mission! Here, we’re going for a retrieval mission against a  couple of bandits and angry statues.

demon's daughter

The mission starts with William standing in the middle of the dessert. If you look to your right, there’s a shrine there  waiting for you. Access the shrine for your checkpoint and some items. Also, don’t forget to check your ninjitsu or whatever you need. As far as we’re concerned, the Demon’s Daughter Sub Mission may require you to use some onmyouji magic. Also, having talismans and onmyouji magic makes the mission significantly easier.

First, head towards the mansion where you’ll find an outlaw lying around. Kill the spear-wielding outlaw then climb up the hill to take out the archer.


After you take those two down, leap of the ledge and head towards the dual-wielding outlaw. Kill him too before heading inside the house. If you look to your right, there should be a large chest. However, don’t open it just yet. There’s a samurai inside waiting  to ambush you. Kill him and then open the chest for an Elixir  x1Roaring Gun Ammunition x3, Saisetsu-Shin’s Sake x1, and a Holy Axe.

Head up the stairs and drop off the platform before heading out the door. Climb back up the hill where you killed the archer and cross the bridge. When you reach the bridge, there are multiple opponents waiting for you.

Lure out the samurai first and kill him. Then, kill the two horn-blowers before they bring in more reinforcements. There’s also a sword-wielding outlaw; kill him also. But watch out for the dual-sword wielding ninja. And also, there will be incoming fireballs as you fight them.

On the other side of the hill, there’s an archer shooting flaming arrows at you. Snipe him down before heading into the temple at the top of the stairs.

Open the doors and there will be a large chest at the far right. Open it up for the Himorogi Branch x1 and a Onmyou Mage’s Hunting Gear: Joi. Head to the far left to find another large chest containing a Travel Amulet and Master Swordsman’s Armor (H): Kote.

After that, head out and check balcony on the right side. There’s a small chest there containing Moment Talisman x2 and a Custom Kusarigama. With that, head down the stairs and up the other hill where the other archer was shooting.

When you reach the house, there’s a swordsman outlaw waiting for you there. Put him out of his misery and enter the house. Upon going inside, look to your left for a small chest containing Sacred Water x1, Arrow x2, and Daionjin’s Sake x1. Near the chest, there will also be a door to the right. Open the door and you’ll find a ladder leading down back to the starting area. Kick it down for an easier time.

Continue climbing up the hill until you reach a split path. Don’t head into the caverns. Continue climbing up to fight the two Outlaws on the top. Kill them off and then make a right into the cavern where you’ll spot another shrine on your right.


When you’re done doing your business at the shrine, open the stone doors right in front of the shrine. There, you’ll discover another cavern heading down. Climb down the ladders until you reach the lowest level.

Then, take a quick left before coming across another NurikabeWhistle at it and it’ll let you through without an issue.

Head down the path the Nurikabe was blocking until you reach a ledge with an outlaw waiting down below. Use the falling damage to kill him before sniping the other one on your left. Another spear-wielding outlaw will charge at you  to avenge his friend before you turn him into human sushi. Also, check the ledge in front of you for a ladder.It’s the shortcut for helping you easily get back to the shrine.

Next, head down the stairs nearest to a glowing corpse inside a stone box. Loot it up for some Amrita and Youngblood Armor (M) Do.  You should also see a corpse nearby. Loot it for some Amrita and a Yasha’s Kusarigama.

Head right and you’ll find another stairwell with an samurai holding a torch. Three ways: blow his head off with the rifle or the handcannon, sniper his head using a bow, or creep up behind him to perform a finishing attack. Continue on your merry way and you’ll find yourself surrounded by statues. A revenant blade should be sticking out of the ground as you go through the narrow pathway.

Head up the stairs where you’ll find another Outlaw wielding a spear. But also on the right, there’s an outlaw wielding a rifle. Run past the rifle-wielding outlaw to kill the spear-wielding outlaw. After that, you can skewer the other outlaw trying to shoot you.

If you’re standing where the rifle-wielding outlaw was, you’ll find a doorway. Head down to the doorway to find a corpse and several revenants. Oh, there’s also an angry terracotta warrior out to kill you. Loot the corpse for some Amrita and a Soulstone x1, kill the terracotta warrior, and make your way out through the stairs with all long trail of revenant blades.

At the top of the stairs, there’s a ninja waiting for you. Kill him and head towards a column where a small chest is sitting. Open it up for a Wind Omamori Charm.

With that, head back all the way to where you saw the corpse in a box. With that, look to your left to find a doorway. Remember when you dropped in to kill that one outlaw before sniping out the other guy? If you’re facing cliff, it should be on your right side.

Head through the path and it’ll take you up some stairs. Climb up the stairs to find the samurai guarding the top of the staircase. Kill the dual-sword wielding samurai and he’ll drop the Ruins Key.

Use the key to open the door in front of you and it’ll reveal a little girl. Before you speak to her however, head behind her to find a corpse holding a Onimitsu Kitsuna blade. When you’re done looting, speak to her and you’ll finish the mission.

Congratulations! You just saved the Demon’s Daughter!


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