Sub Mission – The Ogress Walkthrough [Nioh]

This page contains the full walkthrough of the Sub Mission The Ogress, including enemies, bosses, and obtainable items and rewards.

The sub mission regarding the Ogress has Okatsu sending William to the cemetery. Apparently, some of the locals are terrified. People reported sightings of demons and yokai roaming the cemetery. Because of this, she asks if she could impose on him to investigate.

Sub Mission – The Ogress Walkthrough

When the mission starts, you’ll find yourself in front of a large temple. At the left of the temple, there’s a shrine there. Get it and fix up before the mission starts. After cleaning up, head over to the door and you’ll realize it’s locked. Instead, go for the door at the left of the shrine.

Follow the pathway down until you come across a Dweller eating a corpse. Headshot or kill that yokai in anyway you choose before searching the corpse for some Amrita and an item. Follow the path again before reaching a red temple arch. Past the arches, you’ll find a sword-wielding yokai. Kill it before moving on.

the ogress

Once it’s dead, don’t go through the arch. Follow along the gravemarkers and you’ll find a Dweller lurking behind a stone wall. Sniper it down or hug against the wall before making a right. You’ll find yourself in a pathway with a corpse. Do watch out however, three blue Oni-bi will spawn out to attack. When you’re done, pick up the corpse for a Sacred Water x1 and some Amrita.

Next, head back to the arches leading into the courtyard. Walk past the arches and head straight to find a corpse. Loot it for a Fire Omamori Charm x1 and some Amrita. Next, head out and head back to where you found the Dweller behind the stone wall. You’ll find a Yokai Realm at the top of the hill. Activate it and kill the dual sword-wielding yokai.

After that, pick up the corpse on the hill for some Amrita and Arrow x2. Head left along the pathway until you spot a Dweller near the ledge. Sniper it down before leaping off the bridge connecting to the ledge for the corpse. Loot the corpse for a Spirit Stone x1 and a Spirit Iron Chunk x1 before climbing up the stairs.

When you head up the stairs, expect an Oni-bi to appear. Kill it to coat your weapon in fire before running down the stairs. Towards the end of the stairs, you’ll see a gateway and a well. Hit the well for some Sacred Water x1 before entering the compound.

Inside the compound however, you’ll spot a yokai investigating a corpse. Next to it however, is a large chest. Creep around the yokai and try to perform a finishing move on it to deal more damage. Fight the sword-wielding yokai and kill it for the corpse that drops an Elixir x1 and a Himorogi Branch. Plus, you can now open the chest for some items.

When you’re done, head out the door left from the chest. Make a right and follow the path before making your way towards the fence. There, you’ll move to the next area where there’s a graveyard with Dwellers. Kill the Dweller by the entrance first before looting the corpse. Head towards the other side and climb up the ramp that leads up to another bridge.

Leap off the ledge to get to the other side. Kill the fire Oni-bi floating nearby. Loot the corpse and then make a left to kill the Scavenger Yokai devouring the other corpse. When you’re done with that, head right and you’ll find yourself at the bridge. Drop down and go beneath the bridge before heading back to the compound. Head out until you find a yokai realm looming nearby.

Spawn the one-eyed Oni and kill it before proceeding along the path surrounded by several statues and gravemarkers. Continue following the path until you reach the entrance of a temple. Kill the yokai lurking there along with some of the Oni-bi surrounding the temple.

When you’re done, open the door you previously had a hard time opening at the start. Unlock it and you’ll create a shortcut between the place and the shrine. Turn back and head towards the temple where you’ll fight a Water Nymph yokai and some of her water-based Oni-bi.

With that, you complete the mission!


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