Nioh - Weapons List and Fighting Styles

A list and guide on all weapon types and fighting styles in Nioh on PS5 and PS4. Included are each weapon type's unique characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses.

Nioh and Nioh 2 (including all DLCs) are also bundled in the Nioh Collection on PS5.

Weapons in Nioh

In Nioh, there are different weapons. And when there are different weapons, there are also different ways to use them. For this game, Nioh has several melee weapons: the katana, dual swords, spear, axe, and the Kusari-gama (or commonly known as the Chain Sickle). However, Nioh also has long ranged weapons such as the Samurai Long Bows, Guns, and Hand Cannons.

Each of these weapons have a wide variety of skills and attributes that may change one’s stances and tactics against the opponent. Also, each of these weapons has a corresponding status and different skills which may either be detrimental or advantageous to your playing style. Because of this, try exploring among the weapons and check which one suits your fighting style the best.

Types of Weapons

Just like any other game, there are two classes of weapons. One type is meant for melee and the other one is meant for ranged.


Melee weapons focus on close range combat and physical damage. Because of this, it allows you a higher level of control in exchange for taking a bit more damage. With shortened range, melee weapons are more useful when one prefers skirmishing over sneak tactics.


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The katana has always been the symbol of the samurai. Known as one of the deadliest blades in the world, the katana  is a weapon also known to bear the soul of its wielder. It reflects the heart and soul of its wielder and channels its energy into its attacks.

Using a katana would give you versatility in both attack and defense. Because of its length, it has considerable distance and used more for slashing down opponents. This weapon is recommended for beginners as it is one of the easiest weapons to use throughout Nioh. It also unlocks the ability to parry which stuns your opponent and leaves them open for an attack.

Dual Swords

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While the Dual Swords don’t boast an attack as high as the katana, it does make up for its lack of power via its rapid attacks. Similar to how the samurai would wield the wakizashi with the katana, the dual swords is a representation of the Niten’ichi sword style mentioned in the Life of Miyamoto Musashi.

Unfortunately for the Dual Sword, it’s a compromise of power and reach thus more favoured by advanced players. These are players who are able to time dodges, calculate their  attacks, and close the gap between them an their opponent. Thus, they  favour Dual Swords for setting up combos while pushing them against the wall.


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The spear is a general term for those weapons that have blades mounted on long wooden rods. The long wooden rod provides the range the player needs to keep enemies that favour melee attacks from landing blows on them. Because of it’s range, people would recommend the spear for beginner players as it also has a defensive measure. Its main defense would be keeping the enemy away and forcing them to kite around the weapon. Its priority lies in its thrusting attacks more than slashing.

Axe and Hammer

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The Axe has slower attack speed but has increased destructive power. Its power can break through defenses easy and stun enemies when required. However, the problem is that there are also slight openings which the enemy can exploit while using an axe. Similar to the spear, this weapon works well in surrounded situations but prioritizes slashing attacks over thrust attacks. Players who are somewhat familiar with Nioh would probably prefer this.


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The Kusarigama, also famously known as the Chain Sickle, is a ninja tool famed for its versatility. Unlike the sword which attacks in a linear motion, the Kusarigama flies and darts around. This allows you to keep some distance away from your opponent while still maintaining your attack speed. While this weapon is not ideal for beginners, this weapon requires specific strategies and also variability when in combat. Because of its tricky nature, this weapon is more favored for skirmishes rather than taking down multiple opponents.


Ranged weapons attack from a safe distance. This may sometimes be favourable if you’re choosing to hide and attack, similarly to a sniper. However, there is a considerable loss in defense and it will be hard if the enemy closes in.


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The bow is a traditional samurai weapon that relies on long range. A bow is a favoured weapon due to its longer range and its ability to be precise. However, this weapon isn’t made to handle many enemies. This is made to pick off your enemies one by one from a distance in order to disperse the crowd. Thus, it’s not favoured as a main hand weapon but more as an offhand weapon.


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Because of its explosive power and range, rifles can appear more favorable than long bows. They have  higher attack power and have the ability to break through defenses easily in comparison to the long bow. However, there’s one catch. Unlike other games, the gun weapons have a limited amount of bullets. Thus, it’s not favored as a main weapon but as a secondary weapon.

Hand Cannon

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The hand cannon has long range and high attack power. However, this particular weapon requires to sit completely still to have a good and accurate shot. Because of this, not many people value this weapon unless they’re fighting a large opponent. Hand cannons are  used on single but larger opponents due to the lack of speed that the boss allegedly has.


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