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Nioh: A new life for Souls fans?

Nioh, the much-anticipated hack-and-slasher from Team Ninja is set for release next week on February 7, 2017. And while it has shown to take heavily from the acclaimed Soul series, we wonder exactly how good an experience it will deliver to fans of FromSoftware’s genre-defining brand of dark fantasy action RPGs. Samurai Gamer’s Wolf Knight breaks it down here.

Nioh Last Chance Trial available for 48 hours only!

With the February 7 release of Nioh drawing ever closer, Team Ninja is offering one last chance to play the demo of the much-awaited action RPG for two days only! Players will be able to experience Nioh in its latest trial version from January 21 to 22. Prior to this, there have been alpha and beta playable demos released.Clearing the Last Chance Trial grants you the access to the Ogress headgear, which carries over to the main game when it comes out. You can also transfer the Mark of the Conqueror and Mark of the Strong form the alpha and beta demos by beating the Twilight Mission.Downloads have been available since January 20, 2017, so make sure you don’t miss out on these awesome features!

Samurai Gamers Plays Nioh

Catch our playthrough of this exciting title from Koei Tecmo featuring Samurai Gamers’ very own Katherine Baskerville! Just go to our Youtube channel here.


Nioh is a dark fantasy action RPG developed by Team Ninja for the Playstation 4 which was released worldwide on February 7, 2017. The game features challenging gameplay reminiscent of the Souls series, though adopting a mission-based approach to progress through the game.The game takes place during the Sengoku Era of feudal Japan, where William, a western sailor, adopts the ways of the samurai to combat the yokai spreading chaos in the land.


While Nioh’s story is entirely fictional, certain historical and mythological figures during the advent of the Tokugawa Shogunate’s reign are encountered in the game. Players control William, a blond and blue-eyed samurai hailing from the west who arrived Japan after several years of voyaging the seas. William is based on the real-life 16th century English navigator-turned samurai William Adams (known in Japan as Miura Anjin) who served under Tokugawa Ieyasu.

Other characters include Hattori Hanzo, an agent of Tokugawa Ieyasu sent to aid William in his quest to vanquish the yokai. Yagyu Munetoshi, Hozoin In’ei and Marume Nagayoshi (all historical figures) appear in the game as mentors of William in the way of combat.


The World of Nioh

The events of Nioh take place in 16th century Sengoku Japan as rival clans continue to wage war with each other, while the chaos brought by the coming of the yokai continues to spread throughout the land. The world of Nioh is based on an a dark and eerie imagining of feudal Japan enmeshed with its rich culture and sensibilities. Expect to encounter other samurai, townsfolk, lords and maidens, as well as various demons found in Japanese mythology and folklore.

The events of Nioh begin somewhere before the battle of Sekigahara. Toyotomi Hideyoshi dies, while Ishida Mitsunari and Tokugawa Ieyasu vie for dominion of Japan through military might. William, a samurai of western origins, pledges his sword to Ieyasu as he readies himself into battle.

The Nioh Collection, which bundles both Nioh and Nioh 2 along with all released DLCs, was released on February 5, 2021 on the Playstation 5 (PS5).

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Title Nioh
Genre Action RPG
System Playstation 4, Playstation 5
Developer Team Ninja
Publisher Koei Tecmo Games
Release date February 9 2017