Nioh - Isle of Demons Main Mission Walkthrough

This page contains a walkthrough on the Main Mission The Isle of Demons for Nioh on PS5 and PS4. Included are all items, weapons, armor, enemies and bosses encountered in the game.

Nioh and Nioh 2 (including all DLCs) are also bundled in the Nioh Collection on PS5.

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Main Mission – Isle of Demons Wakthrough

Upon setting foot on the mysterious island, you’ll find out you won’t have any gear from the previous mission. Talk about being completely stripped. The only thing you’ll have is your sailing clothes and Elixir x3. But when you begin looking around, you’ll spot several corpses with a familiar glow. Unlike the first time, you actually know what it is now. It’s called Amrita, and it’s the currency used in the game to become stronger, level up shrines. You can farm it out of corpses, chests, and killing enemies. If you die however, you’ll drop your Amrita and the Guardian Spirit will ditch you. They’ll become a gravesite around the vision of your chosen Guardian Spirit. When you spawn up, return to that grave marker and pick up everything you lost.

isle of demons

First thing’s first; looting time. Head towards the nearby corpse leading up to the shrine and you’ll grab a weapon of choice from the body. After that, pray to the shrine. Unlike the shrines in London, the Kodama (the little green spirit) will offer you some options at the shrine. With that, you can level up using Amrita you gained, swap Guardian Spirits, and even convert useless items in Amrita. Once you start putting skill points in the Onmyouji or Ninjitsu skill tree, you’ll be able to set your chosen skills at the Shrine. If you’re online, you get a special DLC that allows you to receive special items or to summon friends and foes. But don’t forget: praying at the shrine respawns enemies and restocks your elixirs.

When you’re done, check the small grave stone next to the shrine. There’s a Small Spirit Stone lying around. Smash it and get all the Amrita in it. However, you can’t lose the Amrita gained from the stone. Grab them if and only if when you’re at the shrine and ready to spend points.

When you’re done, head to the fishing village.

Fishing Village

Start by going left of the Shrine to the base of a cliff with a broken ladder. Raid the corpse for a Stone, and smash some boxes for some loot. After that, you can head towards the outskirts of the villages and loot all the dead bodies. Don’t worry, the dead person won’t need the stuff for where he’s going. Take note of the figure sitting by a large torch. And when you approach, you’ll find out it’s an Outlaw. Let him try swiping his katana before you smack him down. He drops both Amrita and Gold. While the Gold can’t be used now, save it for later.

When you’re done smashing him down, check the body he was looting. You’ll find a Footsoldier Armor Do and Footsoldier Armor Suneate. Equip the armour and move onwards. However, there are a few differences now. The Ki Usage mechanics changed. Attacking now lowers your Ki along a red line. After that, a white bar will fill up the lost Ki before the bar resets to start regenerating your Ki. When the white bar fills up, press R1 to perform a Ki Pulse. This locks in your Ki to keep regenerating from that point onwards, instead of having to reset the bar. Using Ki Pulse is going to become incredible important, especially later.

Before going up the path to the next house, there are several red swords in a grave somewhere in the area. These are the graves of other players. If you want to loot their armor, you can summon their phantoms and duel them. Before you do, check if the area is clear and that the armor is loot-able.

Check near the water’s edge before going up to find another Outlaw checking a body. As an axe-wielder, he’s got a mean swing but he leaves himself open. Kill him and collect the Footsoldier Armor Kote from the body. Up the path to the next house, one Outlaw is inspecting the home while another stands just a bit away. Watch out and make sure you don’t end up in an ambush. Collect the Stone x3 from the nearby corpse. After that corpse, there’s a Stone and Sacred Water from the other body.

Even if the home’s ransacked, check around for more stuff. Check around the side of the house and you’ll find a large cart. Look behind the cart to find a frightened Kodama with a black hat. He’s a collectible of sorts, and when you guide him back to the shrine – he’ll become your first spirit. Pray at the shrine and unlock the Kodama Blessing. There are 5 types based on the hat colours. The more Kodama of a certain colour you find, the better your blessing will be. You want to know what the gold was for? This is it. You have to pay for your blessings. Check the corner and you’ll see that there are 9 Kodama in the area. For every 5 Kodama, you get another Elixir.

Now, time to use the Amrita. Use the Amrita to level up a few times which allows you to allocate to one of the 8 stats. Check what each one does and make sure it matches your weapon. When you do so, you also plan based on your playstyle. This will give you an easier time. Especially, if you know you’re going to stay with that particular style for awhile. Levelling up will also give you more skill points. Each stat grants you a different amount or kind of skill point.

When you’re done, head back to the village and and go up the narrow path.  Check behind the house to spot a row of crates with a corpse hiding behind them holding Footsoldier Armor Jingasa. When you’re done, head up the path and note the body on the right. However, there’s also on an Outlaw on the left with a spear. Slaughter the Outlaw and follow the trail up to a set of branching paths. On the left, the farming area has a single Outlaw looking over the corpse. Kill him to get your secondary preferred weapon.

Return to the main path before going forward. This pathway leads to the woods. Whereas, heading right leads you into a bunch of Outlaws ready to gut and mutilate you. Grab Signpost Talisman x3 from the body next to the nearby house. With that, head to the village.

When you get to the village, there’s an Outlaw waiting inside an open doorway on the right. Up front, there are two more Outlaws further up. Kill the one at the doorway before mutilating the other two before moving on. Take note of the corpse on the roof. After that, turn around. You;ll find a corpse hanging on the tree overlooking the path you came up. Grab his Spirit Stone.Ransack the house the Outlaw was in to find a chest holding a Small Spirit Stone, Footsoldier’s Spear, and Footsoldier Armor Hizayoroi.

After that, head to the manor. But as pretty as it looks, it’s extremely well guarded. There are enemies waiting on both sides of the gate out of view. With that, take the forest route to the left instead. But you can still drop down from the manor’s ridge onto the roof. When you do so, grab the Horoku-dama from the corpse. After that, head up the path and take out the patrolling Outlaw. Loot the graves for some Amrita, and a Small Stone from a corpse nearby.

Keep moving up to take on the second Outlaw with another more powerful Outlaw further up. But watch out for one more enemy on the hill above armed with fire arrows. Lead out the powerful Outlaw out of sight and take him out alone. When you’re done, return to quickly nab the Omamori Charm and Spirit Stone from the bodies below the archer.

Before moving on, check the right side of the path for a grave with Amrita. There’s also a hidden path heading back to the ridge overlooking the village. While moving through the small path, there’s slope going up to a large tree. Check around the side of the tree for a Kodama. When you’re done, head down into the clearing and check the corpse on the left for a Stone and armor. Look towards the grave and you’ll find the Spirit Stone.

Head back towards the ridge but watch out for an ambush. Once the Outlaw is dead, raid the corpse for a Bandit Axe. Check the left along the ridge for another body holding a Stone. Finally, look over the ridge to see a body on a lower ledge above the houses and drop down to get Fire Amulet x2. Equip it and you’ll get fire damage on every strike.

Back on the main forest path, we need to do something about that archer. But charging in with swords blazing won’t do. He’s got his friends at the large fire. Fortunately, there’s a path to the left you can use to sneak around. Investigate the ledge to get the Kodama sitting up on the ledge to the right. After that, take the alternate path.

When you do, you’ll find yourself on another ledge. Drop down. Turn around and find a body stashed in the alcove holding a Spirit Stone. Grab the Sacred Water x2 near the statues and check the cliffside to spot several ledges. These ledges lead you back to the shrine you found at the start of the mission. Use the ladder on the other side to climb down to get the Kayaku-dama x2. Kick the last ladder and make a permanent shortcut back to the forest.

Head back to the lower forest path. When you head up there, you’ll run into your First Yokai. The Dweller scrambles for a moment before trying to claw your face out. It replenishes it’s Ki when it forms a Yokai Realm. This slows down your regeneration and can be destroyed by using Ki Pulse with proper timing. Further up, there are 2 more Dwellers guarding a body with an Antidote and Brawler’s Armor Kabuto. Hang onto the Antidotes because Dwellers grapple and spit poison in your face. Check past the body for a tree and to the left, there’s another Kodama.

When you’re done, you can head up the side path to ambush the lone archer. Smack down his friend and another archer by the brazier. After killing the archers, look left along the rocks for an alcove for a Small Spirit Stone. Look under the awning near the fire for a body holding a Longbow, Hamaya Arrow, and Arrow x5. With this, you can snipe your enemies from afar. Headshot any enemies for a quick kill before heading up the path to find a new Shrine. Rest there before heading to the manor.


Up ahead, the check the ridge overlooking the manor. When you get there, there’s an Outlaw trying to ambush with an axe. Smack him down and loot the body nearby for some arrows. Look down and you’ll find a patrolling Rogue. You can either punk him or snipe him down with a headshot for an instant-kill. Before dropping down below, look to the right for another smaller ledge with a body. Drop down and grab the Young Samurai’s Locks. Back at the large ridge heading behind the Manor, take care as you drop down. There should be a lower ledge opposite the peak you stand on to drop down to a corpse that holds a Small Spirit Stone. And along with it, a rare item.

Once you’re inside, take out the welcoming committee. They’re much easier since thy’re facing the other way. Either stick arrows into their heads or stack them against the wall to chop them down. Watch out for the patrolling guard around the back as you clear the house. With all the enemies dead, loot up. At the front entrance, there’s a Soshu-Den Dual Tachi. When you get inside the home, one corpse will warn you of the Yokai Realm in the room.

Suddenly, miasma approaches and a Fiend appears. The enemy deals a ton of damage if you’re not planning to guard or dodge. Plan your attacks and strike only when you’re sure he won’t hit back. If you have Living Weapon, use it. Fortunately, killing him gives you good items. Return into the house and check the other bodies for a Small Spirit Stone and the Key to Residence.

When you’re done loot and about to leave, check the shack on the right. There’s an Outlaw trying to open a large chest. Kill him and check the body for Warlord Armor Do. Open the large chest for Signpost Talisman x2, Kayaku-dama x2, Brawler’s Armor Kote, Warlord Armor Kabuto, and a Travel Amulet. When you’re done, check the side gate and turn left to find the Kodama along the wall. There’s also a nearby grave if you want to loot some more items.

Open the main gate and you’ll find a worse off side of the village. Fires blaze below and a ships burning at a distance. Before heading down, head left for a Horoku-dama from a corpse. After that, go right on the path towards another Shrine. Grab the Salt x2 from the corpse. Stop and look down the ridge. There’s another Kodama hiding on a ledge that you can drop down on. Ignore the bandit and travel across the rooftops back towards the Shrine where there’s another body. Loot it for a Longbow and Arrows x3. With now a good vantage point, snipe the Dwellers down below. When you’re done, rest up at the shrine.

Since there are a lot of tight corridors in the village, check for Dwellers. They’ll jump out and pin you down to burp poison in your face. There’s a Dweller right on the Yokai Realm on the road. Drop on him and smash the boxes in the alley behind him. When you get closeto the realm, more Fiends pop up. And unfortunately, it has two swords. And it can punk you, real fast. Kite around and have him lunge at you before chopping him to pieces. When he’s winding up again, jump back and wait for him to attack again. He doesn’t get stunned so don’t press on unless you want to get owned.

When he’s down, hug the corner cautiously. There’s an archer waits up on the rooftops with fire arrow. But if you want to sniper him, you can do it. Don’t rush in; there’s a Rogue waits to the left near a well.  He’s got a helmet which means you can’t just headshot him. You can knock off the helmet though. Before climbing the ladder next to the well, follow along the side of the house. There, you’ll find the Outlaw you saw from the ridge above looking over a corpse. Loot it for a Small Spirit Stone. Check behind the house with the ladder for a Whetstone.

Passing the archer you killed, head towards the next section of the village. However, watch out for any loose roof tiles. There’s a chance that you’ll fall into the house. And when you do, there are a couple of Outlaws. Also, it’ll be harder to navigate to the next area from the ground level. Sidestep it and check the roofs on the right for two men. There’s an archer who you should snipe. His friend will jump down to come up the ladder from the hole in the next building. Watch out for him. Loot the body on the roof for Antidote x2. Before you climb down, look under the platform to find the next hiding Kodama.

Head down the ladder into the home. However, watch out for the Dweller faking its death. When you’re done killing it, loot the real body for the note. Outside, there’s a marker to loot for another message. There’s also a Dweller hidding off in a small canyon outside the village. But we’ll get him later. First, check the house opposite from the one you got out of. There’s a Rogue guardinga large chest. Lure him outside for an open field or bomb it to death. After that, loot the chest for a Yamato-den Tachi, the Kayaku-dama, Spirit Stone, and Hamaya Arrow x3.

If you want to fight down another Yokai, head towards the Yokai Realm in the middle of the road.You can also go right to find a side alley. After braving through the Yokai area, another Fiend with a Katana will emerge. This requires you to be on your guard. Dodge his long sweeping blows, shoulder charge, and slamming attacks. On the other side, there’s an open hut that has a door leading to the small canyon. Remember the lone Dweller from the rooftops? He’s got a friend lurking in the grass. Slaughter his friend and then kill the last one. After you do, loot the body for a Fire Omamori Charm.

Head towards the tower when you’re done. While heading around the tower, kill the lone dweller. Look around the building by the wall for a line of crates hiding a body that holds a Spirit Stone and Kayaku-dama. After that, climb the long ladder up to a watchtower. Drop down onto the roof below. Cross to the other side via the bridge and look beyond the fire. There’s a lone body holding a Tanegashima Matchlock along with some Roaring Gun Ammunition and Rifle Ammunition x3. Cross back over the bridge above the house with the large chest. Watch out for the loose tiles. When you’re done, walk over the bridge and you’ll be able to lower the ladder.

Once you drop the ladder, the bridge crossing to the other part of the village leads you right into another Yokai Realm and another Fiend. Watch out for the lose tiles and check if you can trick him into falling. After that, strike him down with a falling strike to deal massive damage. From this next rooftop, there’s a ladder down putting you on the other side of the flaming paths. Before you head down, cross the other bridge to grab the Horoku-dama from a corpse. There are multiple drop down points here. But head back to the ladder to get a better bearing on where you are.

When you’re done with that, deal with the Dweller patrolling the path. Go up towards the first flaming blocked path leading to the Shrine. Look right to find a body around the side of the house that holds Yokai Water Pot x2 and a Spirit Stone. Turn around and look for the main fiery roadblock that is stopping you from progressing, and look into a house on the right. There are two Dwellers for a large chest. Inside, there’s the Earth Omamori Charm, Rogue Armor Kote, Spirit Stone, and Bizen-den Uchigatana.

Head into the other fiery blockade by the watchtower you climbed up. Look for an open door on the right to sneak through a house. There’s a Dweller so watch out. Go out the other side to bypass the main fiery roadblock. Stop over to loot a body for an Antidote and Travel Amulet. Look left after exiting the home to grab a Black Steel Axe. Up ahead, there’s an Outlaw patrolling. But look left into an alley to find a corpse holding a Spirit Stone. If you keep going down the long alley, it ends at the watchtower with no ladder. But, there’s a small alcove behind the opposite house leading to a Rogue guarding a body holding a Moment Talisman.

Head back to the main path. Lure the guard out of range of the archer between the two watchtowers. Then, move in to sniper down the archer with the bow or gun. However, make sure you don’t alert the Rogue and his friend up ahead. Ready up and lure him down with a stone or use a ranged weapon to take them both out. Snipe the other Outlaw on the rooftops to the right. Before heading out onto the bench, look to the side of the fires covering the street. There, you’ll spy a back alley you can take. However, watch out for the Rogue with an axe. There’s also a ladder for the right Watchtower you can take up. Loot the body up here and learn about the drop attacks.

Kick the opposite ladder down to create a shortcut. From there, drop down from the Watchtower and onto the roofs below. Loot a body on the roof for a Summoner’s Candle. When you look behind you, there should be a small shack next to the roof you’re on. There, you’ll spot a lone Kodama you can rescue.

With that, return to the other watchtower. Take the bridge down onto the roofs opposite the buildings you were just on. Watch for false platforms. They’ll cave under you. Make your way towards the far roof where there’s another ladder on the left. There’s also a large water barrel on the right you can push to douse the walls of fire. There’s also a Kodama just out of reach when you climb down the ladder here. When you get down, search the body for an interesting message.

With that, you can finally head out onto shore. But, make sure you grab the Small Spirit Stone near the main gate. Check the house on the left for a corpse with Unusual Armor Mendu and a small chest with Horoku Dama and Ochoko x3. When you look outside, there are two patrolling Outlaws. And there’s another two on the docks ahead of the ship. Look to the left first to spot the body holding Small Spirit Stones x3. There’s also another body near the broken boat for another Small Spirit Stone. If you head out to the shore, look left along the rocks and wade towards the Kodama hiding on a small rock.

After that, check the area left of the main gate. There should be a red archway going towards the beach. Follow it and you’ll enter a cave full of dead bodies. One body on the left holds a Spirit Stone. The body in the middle has a Harakiri Sword and the far body has the Squire’s Jumonji Spear.

When you head out back to the gate towards the beach, head right. Hug the wall to get behind the old shack that has a grave with Amrita. You can’t go inside the house yet. So, look around behind the next house to spot a Rogue lying in wait. But he has a spear on hand. Close in to take him down and check around the front of the house for Salt x2. With that, climb up the path around the back of the house that leads back to the door to the Shrine you can now unlock. Hang right to find the last Kodama and guide him back to the shrine. When you get there, prepare and level up for the boat.

Returning to the ledge overlooking the beach, drop down onto the roof of the locked home and look inside to spot a Yokai Realm. As you can imagine, things are going to get dicey in a small room against a Fiend with a katana. Since it’s harder to escape Yokai Realms in a small area, you need to be very careful with your attacks and use your Ki Pulse to get rid of the areas as he makes them. Dodge his shoulder charges and retaliate when he hits a wall to bring the Fiend down. After he’s gone, check the body and the large chest for , and leave through the door, and make for the boat.

When you return to the ledge overlooking the beach, drop down onto the roof of the locked home. Look inside to spot the Yokai Realm. It’s going to be a bit of a pickle to fight a Fiend with a katana in a tiny room. Since it’s harder to escape the Yokai Realms in a small area, plan your attacks and use your Ki Pulse to get rid of them. Dodge the shoulder charges and counterattack when he hits the wall to bring the Fiend down. When he’s gone, check the body and the large chest. There should be Platemail Armor Kote, Platemail Armor Suneate, and Platemail Armor Kabuto. With that, leave  through the door and make for the boat until you come across a cutscene and a boss battle.

Boss Battle – Onryoki

Main Article: Onryoki Boss Guide

As you enter the ship, you’ll be greeted by your first real boss. You’ll Onroyki, who is tied to two massive Ball & Chains. Since he’s been known to smack down people with those chains, better get ready with those dodges and blocks.

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