Nioh - The Man with the Guardian Spirit Main Mission Walkthrough

This page contains a walkthrough on the Main Mission The Man with the Guardian Spirit for Nioh on PS5 and PS4. Included are all items, weapons, armor, enemies and bosses encountered in the game.

Nioh and Nioh 2 (including all DLCs) are also bundled in the Nioh Collection on PS5.

Main Mission – The Man with the Guardian Spirit Walkthrough

After gaining control of William inside the prison cell, go towards the Guardian Spirit.  From here, you’ll need to get comfortable with the various controls of the game. Afterwards, punch through and break the weak wall of your cell (on the right, next to the Guardian Spirit) and head to the next prison cell. Collect the Amrita from the corpse, then head for the open door.

The guard will notice you, so make a run for the guard room at the far end of the cells. There will be a chest here that contains a Bastard Sword and Tower of London Guard Boots. Equip them and take out the guard. After killing the guard, collect the Dungeon Key from his corpse, and another Bastard Sword.

You will now be able to open every cell in the room, one of which will contain Amrita. Then, head for the locked gate opposite the guard room. Go up the stairs and collect Medicine from a chest in the room which you can use if you’re low on health. Otherwise, you can add it to your shortcuts when you need it later. Then, head for the stairwell straight ahead. Beside the stairs is a chest containing a Tower of London Guard Coat. Equip it and head up the stairs.

At the top, you will come another tower guard with a Bastard Sword and further by the door ahead, a guard with a crossbow. Engage the first guard and take him out before going up to the other one with crossbow (as multiple enemies will prove very challenging in this game). Then, head inside the door. Once inside, head for the small open room opposite the boarded-up door. There will be another guard here. Try to take him out in this room near the door, as another guard wielding the spear is patrolling the hall outside the open room and will come to make things harder if he joins. After killing the guard, get Medicine and Tower of London Guard Trousers from the chest, then go outside to engage the guard with the spear.

After killing the other guard, follow the path ahead and go in the opening in the wall, and up the stairwell. You will soon come across a room where the Guardian Spirit will enter. The room will contain a Shrine that acts as a checkpoint to which you will return when you die. Praying in the shrine however, will also cause enemies to respawn.

Leave the room and head for the chest containing a Runkah. There will be two more guards (one with a sword and one with a spear) patrolling the area and to another room, so try to engage them individually. After taking them out, head for the next room and grab Medicine and a Battle Axe from the large chest inside (to the left). Then, return to the stairwell (the one you used to come up to the floor with the Shrine) and continue up to the top floor.

You will eventually reach a balcony. From here, head to the small room to the left to find Medicine in a chest. Leave the room and proceed along the balcony where you will overhear some conversation. You can approach the door and take a look.

Then proceed along the balcony and turn left before the opening of the next area. Follow the dim path to a chest containing a Tower of London Guard Hat.  Then, head back and go inside the opening of the next area. You will find a guard here patrolling the corridors. Take him out. Then, after passing the opening’s entrance, turn right to a path that leads to some stacked crates. Past the crates will be some Tower of London Guard Gloves.

Head back and go to the end of the room ahead to find a stairwell that leads down. You will first come to a room with a guard and the door that was barred previously. Kill the guard and lift the bar from the door to create a shortcut between the Shrine and this room. Then head back to the stairwell and continue you descent down.

Once you are on the lower floor, check behind you for a chest that contains a Tower of London Guard Coat. You can already take the exit to your left but before you do, go up and head right. You will come up to two guards, and one packing a crossbow down below. Kill them, then get another Tower of London Guard Boots from a chest on the left. There is also a large chest on the opposite side of the room that has Medicine, another Bastard Sword and Tower of London Guard Gloves. Afterwards, go outside.

A guard will be found below. Take him out, then check under the stairs for a chest with Tower of London Guard Trousers. Proceeding forward and to the left will be two guards. Kill them and grab another Battle Axe from another chest in the area. Proceed left and under the arch. You will arrive at a courtyard where a guard will be. Take him out and head for the opening to the left and go straight. You can catch sight of two knights to your left.

Optional: Killing the Knights

They are a little challenging to defeat this early on in the game as they have high health and deal massive damage. But learning to dodge will make them very easy. You can attempt to lure them to the last room you where in and engage them. The trick to beating them is to bait their attacks, making them miss, then retaliating with one or two attacks. You can also use a long weapon (the Battle Axe or Runkah) to perform sweeping attacks to hit them both at the same time. Remember to keep both of the in you line of sight, as having your back turned on one will spell death very quickly. The reward for beating them will be their strong weapons. If you manage to defeat them, you can pick up another Battle Axe in a chest where they were standing, and past that will be a door to a Shrine.

You can ignore the knights. If you do, just head for the large courtyard. There will be a guard that you can ambush there. After killing him, head for the open area and you will come up to another guard. Defeat him and proceed to the left towards a walkway. This path leads to a Shrine. Though ignore the walkway on the left for now and look to the right of the steps and down. There will be a corpse near some crates with 3 Stones. Then, past the corpse to the right is an area with a knight again, a guard and another guard with a crossbow. You can use the stone to pick off the knight and lure him to an area to fight him one-on-one. Then, take out the guard and the one with a crossbowman. Get a Breastplate and Medicine from the chest near him. Then, proceed towards the archway.

There will be another knight here, and another knight who will appear on the right. Manage your way against them. After you’ve killed them, head for two large chests to get Great Helm, Greaves, Gauntlets and Cuisses. Then, go back to the Shrine room to heal. Afterwards, head for the stairs and go to the basement below. Search the corpses for 3 Stones. Then, proceed up the stairs. You will arrive at a large room and a knight guarding it. There will also be another crossbowman on the upper left (on a ledge). Take the knight out and grab another Runkah in a chest in the room. Then, climb up the stairs to get to the roof where a chest (just beneath an awning) will be found containing Tower of London Guard Hat, Bastard Sword and Medicine. From here, you can kill the crossbowman from before by dropping on the ledge and killing him. Afterwards, proceed to the tower’s short flight of stairs for a boss fight.

Boss Battle – Derrick The Executioner

Main Article: Derrick The Executioner Boss Guide

The first boss of the game is Derrick the Executioner who wields a giant axe. As his build might suggest, he is quite slow and his attacks are very telegraphed. The key to the fight is making him miss (particularly his charging attack) and swiping him once or twice with your weapon. Don’t be afraid to use even the Battle Axe against him, as you can still put in two hits when he misses before he retaliates. He has two phases, the last of which gives him more range with his axe swing (though still quite slow).

After defeating the boss, there will be some cutscenes.  You will then be asked to choose a weapon you prefer. Keep in mind that the weapon you choose will give you certain stat bonuses for you to wield your chosen weapon.

Stat Bonuses for starting weapon

  • Heart – Sword
  • Skill – Dual Swords
  • Body – Spear
  • Stamina – Axe
  • Dexterity – Kusarigama

Also, you will be able to select a secondary weapon bonus.

Afterwards, you’ll need to choose a Guardian Spirit, which will also affect your stats.

Stat Bonuses for starting Guardian Spirit

  • Kato (wolf) – Strength,
  • Isonade (shark) – Spirit and Defense
  • Daiba-Washi (hawk) – Skill and Evasion

In addition to stats, Guardian Spirits also determine your Living Weapon attacks and characteristics. Other Guardian Spirits can be obtained as you progress through the game.

This concludes the walkthrough for the Main Mission The Man with the Guardian Spirit.

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