Twilight Mission – Foreboding Seas Walkthrough [Nioh]

Foreboding Seas is the fourth Twilight Mission in Team Ninja’s Nioh, for the PS4.

Foreboding Seas takes place in the Chugoku region. To access this Twilight Mission, you must have completed the mission “The Ocean Roars Again“, and you must also be at Level 49 or higher to complete the mission successfully.

Twilight Mission – Foreboding Seas Walkthrough

From your starting point, go down the slope to the lower area and find the covered bridge a little way to your left. Beside it is a shrine; make some offerings to power up your weapons as needed.

The bridge is right beside a large rock; climb the rock to get to a spot overlooking a docked boat guarded by Skeleton Warriors.

Foreboding Seas=P0101

Defeat the Skeletons, then open the chest nearby to get Hamaya Arrows. Do a jumping attack down the front-right side of the boat to take out a waiting Yoki below.

Circle back to the covered bridge leading you to a large, dilapidated room with holes in the floor. Defeat the Yoki patrolling the area, then an Archer further ahead.

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Once the Archer is gone, go to where he stood and turn right. Cross the water using the Z-shaped planks, turn right, then left.

The next room is another ruined room with bridges similar to the previous one. However, Ko-umi-bozu (Lesser Umi-bozu) will leap out of the water to attack you aside from Skeleton Warriors scattered around the area. Defeat the yokai, then open the big double doors ahead of you and enter into a corridor. Slow down as you reach the end of the corridor, because there is a Yoki lying in wait off the left side. The Yoki will give out a Unit Leader’s Armor and a Footsoldier Armor when defeated.

Enter the section of the corridor where the Yoki was standing, then make a right. A Kappa is waiting in the raised level of the corridor. Unlike other Yokai, the Kappa will try to escape you; if you manage to defeat it, you will obtain several items, like a Rifle Captain’s Armor, Kappa Shell, Shigedo Longbow, and a Hachiyashu Kusarigama, among others. In addition, you can earn the title of Kappa Hunter, and have your reputation increased.

Foreboding Seas - p0103


Head into the next area through the break in the wall. Cross the water, then turn left at the T-junction. Defeat the yokai standing guard over a chest, then loot its contents. Double back to the other way and take out the Skeleton Warrior, then continue on until you reach the next T-junction.

A Wheelmonk will jump out of the water to attack you. Take care of the yokai and pick up the items that it will drop. After dealing with the Wheelmonk, pray at the shrine in the corner of the room if you need upgrades.

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