Nioh - The Defiled Castle Main Mission Walkthrough

This page contains a walkthrough on the Main Mission The Defiled Castle for Nioh on PS5 and PS4. Included are all items, weapons, armor, enemies and bosses encountered in the game.

Nioh and Nioh 2 (including all DLCs) are also bundled in the Nioh Collection on PS5.

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Main Mission – The Defiled Castle Walkthrough

Suggested level 87

When the mission begins, run straight and head left for a Shrine hiding in the nook. After crossing the checkpoint, head the opposite way along the balcony. There, you’ll find a Hamaya Arrow x1 stuck in a corpse. If you keep going, you’ll reach a dead end with a double door that won’t open. Seeing that as you can’t head there, make your way back. Instead, take the stairs down towards the pool. Cross it to the other side before heading up the stairs to make your way around.

When you reach a room, there’s a purple crystal. Destroy it before stepping through. Take another left and you’ll spot a short set of steps down into a room. Take out the enemy there before heading down the hall. There’s a corpse on the right with a Dung Ball x1.

Continue your way down the hall before heading up some steps. Make a right to unbar a double door for your shortcut. That way, you can find your way back to the shrine. Turn around and head back into the hallway you came from. With that, make a right into a room with water and some shelving. Cross the room and go up the stairs to take out the enemy.

When you’re done, continue into the next room. There should be a spear-wielding soldier there. Take him out and grab the large chest there. When you’re done, head out into the next room before taking the stairs down. By the time you reach the lower level, there’s a Mudman out to kill you. Slaughter it along with the Dweller in the pool before looting the corpse for some Amrita and an item.

When you’re done looting, there are some stairs. Head up the steps to head straight for the top. After that, make a right at the junction before going through the rooms. Go up the steps leading to the balcony before making a right. Shatter the crystal cluster and kill the enemy there. Drop down onto balcony before following the wall along to find a ladder. Make a right before approaching the door to speak to Ryunoshin. Unfortunately, he’ll ask you to bring more dung.

When you’re done, head right of his door. There, you should find some double doors. Open the double doors and exit outside. Climb up the steps before making a left, a right, and then left to smack out the enemy along the way. When you’re done, head towards the last left to find a set of stone steps. Run up and you’ll find a yokai. Smack it down before opening the double doors to face the first boss.

Boss Battle – Honda Tadakatsu

Main Article: Honda Tadakatsu Boss Guide

Honda is a samurai imbued with yokai power. He also wields a spear which makes him quite annoying. His attacks have a certain level of reach and it doesn’t help that he’ll rely on his speed. However, there are still ways to take him down even with his spear and speed.

When you’re done with him, enter the double doors before making a right. Take out the enemies in the room before opening the sliding door. Smash the purple crystal and head right again. As you do so, take the doorway on the right. Proceed onto the next open door before heading left. Make another left before reach a staircase. Climb up the stairs before heading out the hallway. Clear out the enemies in the room on your left before looting the large chest.

Open the sliding doors and destroy the purple crystal on your left. Make a right to find a corpse with some Amrita before climbing up the ladder. When you reach the top, open the sliding doors. Kill the yokai inside before heading left to get out of the room and then head right.

After that, look to your right to open the double sliding doors. With that, enter the room and straight ahead – you’ll spot a Nurikabe. Try to appease it with hopes of it not killing you. After defeating it, loot the large and small chest in the other room. When finish up, there should be a shrine nearby on your right.

After clearing your inventory or doing whatever you need done, head right from the shrine. Climb up the ladder before proceeding down the hallway to open the sliding double doors on the right. With that, you’ll face the second and final boss of the mission.

defiled castle

Boss Battle – Okatsu

Main Article: Okatsu Boss Guide 

Remember the ninja who called you a blonde samurai and a drunk one at that? She’s the one. She has relatively weak attacks but she still hurts because of her speed. Manage your ki carefully and make sure you take note of her cues.

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