Nioh - The Blessed Village Twilight Mission Walkthrough

This page contains a walkthrough on the Twilight Mission The Blessed Village for Nioh on PS5 and PS4. Included are all items, weapons, armor, enemies and bosses encountered in the game.

Nioh and Nioh 2 (including all DLCs) are also bundled in the Nioh Collection on PS5.

Twilight Mission – The Blessed Village Walkthrough

When you begin the Blessed Village mission, you’ll start at the shore where Isle of Demons started. However, there’s a slight difference. There’s a red glow about the land and it’s going to get dirty. The shrine’s still there however on your left. But, the normal amount of Kodama can’t save your life. You’ll have to farm your elixirs. Not only that, find an entire region’s worth of Kodama before you start grabbing blessings and more elixirs that can save your life.

You can ditch the corpses. They don’t give much save for some Amrita if you’re trying to farm off some. But, check the passage of to the left of the shrine. Remember the ladder that served as shortcut in Mission 2? It now has a Yokai Realm with a Fiend that can punk you down with its dual swords. There’s a nearby corpse which you search for a Stone x1. When you’re done searching for that, head past the shrine and towards the houses.

If you check near the water, there’s a strange yokai glowing black. It’s just a Kappa but it’ll use it’s glowing  shell to attack. However, it does run away often. Try ambushing it from behind but watch out for the Skeleton Warriors lying in the water. Kill the Kappa for a lot of loot. Check near the first house and there’s a fiend sitting over a corpse. Slaughter the fiend and loot the corpse holding a Rogue Armor: Suneate x1. Before soldering on, make sure to check around the rocks. At the right of the shallows, there’s a fiend looking over another corpse. Kill it to get the Ronin Armor Kote x1.

While making your way up, watch out for the Skeleton Warrior archers on the bluff. Look to your right and shoot them down. After shooting them down, the corpse in front of the house has a Stone x1 and a Spirit Stone x1. But wait, there’s a Skeleton Warrior hiding inside. Keep your guard up and kill it before heading towards the path. However, watch out! There’s a Wheelmonk Yokai out to get you. Watch out for its flamethrowers as it can really take a big chunk out of your life. After killing it, check the small space behind the house for a corpse. On it, it’s holding a Rogue Armor: Kabuto.

When you get to the top, there’s a yokai realm on the left. Inside it, there’s an axe-wielding fiend. Take advantage of its slow attacks before killing it. Look to  your right, there are some houses with several oni-bi hovering near a skeleton warrior. Lure out the skeleton warrior first before taking out the oni-bi. When you’re done, look behind the nearby tree on the right. There’s a corpse holding a Small Spirit Stone x1.

Look up to the roofs near the corpse. Notice the guy playing the biwa? That’s a Biwa Boku-Boku. Kill him before he starts summoning revenants to slaughter you. Watch out also for the oni-bi he calls out when you get close. If you want to get rid of him, climb up the slopes to the manor. Take out the patrolling Fiend and Giant Skeleton lying in wait. After that, drop off the hill and onto the roof. With that, you can take him out. This at least lets you go on your merry way without revenants spawning out of nowhere.

Recall the main mission: Isle of Demons. Rushing into the manor is suicidal. A fiend and a giant skeleton are there on the left, waiting for you to make a mistake. There’s another Giant Skeleton waiting on the right. With that, you may as well take the forest route. It’s for both the shortcut and having less of a headache with enemies.

Entering the forest, take note of the corpse on the left for a Small Spirit Stone x1. Deal with the patrolling Fiend but lure him back. There’s a Skeleton Archer on the hill on your right and a Dweller throwing bombs in your face further up. To avoid this, head right and go up the hill. Kill the archer. You can also check the clearing below for a corpse holding a Stone x1 and Ronin Armor Do.

Head back to the ridge overlooking the village. Watch out for a fiend waiting to ambush you past the narrow rocky path. If you move past him, check the corpses for a Stone x1 and Bandit Axe. When you look to your left, drop down a ledge to find a Fire Amulet.

After getting around the ranged ambush in the forest, hang left to go down the path leading a to a ladder. With that, you can make a shortcut to the shrine. Although, do be careful. A Monkwheel will try to smash you from the right. It’s guarding a corpse holding a Fan. Drop down the ladder to use the shortcut. In doing so, you can loot the corpse on the ledge for Kayaku-dama x2.

Head back up the path, look to the right. There are three Dwellers hiding in the grass. They’re guarding a corpse with a Lightning Omamori Charm and Spirit Iron Fragment. Check the left. It leads back to the bomb-throwing Dweller and Skeleton Archer. Head into the shack for a body holding Scout Armor: Hizayoroi and continue up the path towards the Shrine.

When you look over the hill and at the manor, remember the ledge with a corpse holding a Spirit Stone x1? Look below. There’s a large Skeleton Warrior but, you can use a drop attack on it. But, drop first to the lower ledge to grab the Unusual Armor Kote and a Small Spirit Stone x1 from the corpse.

When you enter the manor grounds, there’s an archer on the right from behind. There’s also a Fiend and a patrolling Skeleton. Don’t be suicidal; take them out one by one before heading inside. Similar to Mission 2, there’s a Yokai Realm inside the house that needs clearing. Watch out for the Fiend that emerges out with the Dweller hiding behind a corner. Kill the Fiend to get the Key to Residence before looting the corpses for a Small Spirit Stone x1. Don’t forget to check the small hut at the side of the manor. There’s a body holding Warlord Armor: Kote. But that’s not all. There’s also a large chest full of items such as Kayaku-dama, Travel Amulet, Spirit Iron Fragment, and a Small Spirit Stone x1.

Leave the manor through the gate. However, watch out for the possessed Outlaw. After killing him, watch out for the other Outlaw checking a corpse. The corpse on the left holds a Whetstone x1. Heading down the path leads to the next shrine. But you can hop on the roofs to grab a Small Spirit Stone x1 and Salt x3 from a corpse.

When you’re done, head down to the alleyways. Watch out for the Dwellers and the patrolling Wheelmonk on the main road. This path leads to the Yokai Realm with a Fiend waiting inside. However, be careful when turning the corner. There’s a fire roadblock with a Dweller sitting on the roof to lob grenades at you. There’s a body behind the house holding a Whetstone x1. Around the house from the well, there’s a Skeleton Warrior guarding the corpse. After killing it, loot the corpse a Small Spirit Stone x1.

When you’re done there, climb the ladder up the house. There’s a Dweller that will climb up opposite you. Bash him before he reaches you before stabbing his guts out. Cross the bridge soon after and contend with the Giant Skeleton Warrior. Its waiting up ahead and you need to kill it to move on.

Among the new roofs, there are some breakable roofs. Keep moving until you hear a biwa playing. There’s another Biwa Boku-Boku playing his instrument inside the house with the ladder inside. Slaughter him to shut him up. However, watch out for the patrolling Wheelmonk as you get out onto the main street. When you get out, keep your guard up. There’s a Yokai Realm ahead. And also, a Giant Skeleton Warrior in the house behind you with a large chest. Kill the Giant Skeleton Warrior to open the chest containing a Mujina. It makes a copy of you complete with weapons and armor. It makes all the hardship worth it.

Move on towards the watchtower. Kill the two Dwellers near it. With that, head through the open house into the canyon on the other end. There are some barrels here for some Sacred Water. Clear away the Dwellers to loot a Spirit Stone x1 at the end.

From the watchtower, jump down before noting the Kappa standing over on the roof on the building to the right. Sprint up and ambush him. Even if he runs away, chase it. Use drop attacks when he leaps off the roofs for some major damage. After killing it, head across the next bridge towards another roof. Watch out for the two Skeleton Warriors near the breakaway roof. When you’re done with that, knock down the ladder for a shortcut back up.

Watch out when you cross into the next area. There’s a Yokai Realm and a Skeleton Warrior off behind him with a bow. Snipe him down or lead the Fiend from the Yokai Realm away first. After killing them, head across the bridges over the homes.

Before dropping down, head into the burning house to clear away the Dwellers hiding on top. head to the very edge looking down over the main crossroads of this part of the village. From there, look across towards the watchtowers. At the left tower, there’s another Biwa Boku-Boku playing his tune. Shoot him down so he won’t annoy you later on.

Head into the main street. If you’re looking for a new shortcut, run into the alley across from the ladder to a wall. Take a right to take out a Dweller to find a ladder leading back up to the roofs. Kick over a water barrel to douse the flaming wall leading back to the Shrine. However, don’t forget to check out the house next to the ladder back in the main road. You’ll find a large chest holding plenty items such  as Spirit Stone x1, Minoden Dual Tachi, Platemail Armor Kote, and Prayer Beads.

To get around the fire, go through the open house opposite of the ladder. Take out the Dweller inside who’s eating a corpse. After killing it, loot the corpse for a Fire Amulet. Move to the other side of the street to meet a possessed Outlaw looking over a corpse with a Spirit Stone x1. Head down the alley here around from the watchtower with no ladder. There’s a Moment Talisman x1 hiding behind the building.

The crossroads however in this part of town are controlled by several Skeleton Warriors, a Giant Skeleton Warrior, along with a Dweller. With the Dweller launching bombs from above, snipe it down along with the archers. Engage the other skeletons after. When you’re done, check house on the left. There’s a corpse that holds Archer Garb Hakama, and a small chest that has an Ochoko x1 and Horoku-dama x1.

If you killed the musician on the roof, climb up the watchtower to knock the other ladder down. When you do, drop down onto the roof to get a Small Spirit Stone x1 from a body dangling off the bridge.

When you reach the beach, look left to grab a Small Spirit Stone x1 from a corpse. A Skeleton Warrior’s patrolling the beach with a Fiend and Archer near the docks. If you check the shallows nearby, another Kappa lies there waiting to be ambushed from behind. Take out the Kappa and go through the red arch on the left side. The path leads to a Fiend guarding a cave. After killing him, loot the bodies for a Spirit Stone x1, Medicine Case, and Minoden Dual Tachi.

When you reach the beach, open up the Shrine shortcut. Head around the docks to the houses. Watch out fora patrolling Dweller and Giant Skeleton hiding behind the house. Run up the path and unlock the door heading for the Shrine. If you got nerves of steel, jump off the ledge and into the house on the left for a close-quarter fight with a Fiend. When you beat it, there’s a large chest brimming with items such as the Earth AmuletScout Armor: HizayoroiArcher Garb Hat, and a Hakujin Kusari-gama.

If you’re done farming, head back to the docks. Snipe the archer, take out the Yoki fiend. The moment you enter the ship, you’re going to meet a familiar face…

Boss Fight: Onryoki (Again!?!?)

blessed village

This guy doesn’t know how to die now does he? Well, it’s alright. Save for the fact now that he’s probably downed buckets of steroids. He won’t go beast mode when you break his Ki Bar. But fighting him should be the same as last time in Mission 2.

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