Nioh - A Request from Ginchiyo Sub Mission Walkthrough

This page contains a walkthrough on the Sub Mission A Request from Ginchiyo for Nioh on PS5 and PS4. Included are all items, weapons, armor, enemies and bosses encountered in the game.

Nioh and Nioh 2 (including all DLCs) are also bundled in the Nioh Collection on PS5.

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Sub Mission – A Request from Ginchiyo Walkthrough

Request 01


Region Kyushu
Gold 12,000
Amrita 3,384
Reward Smithing Text: Raikiri, Summoner’s Candle, 5x High Quality Wood

A Request for Ginchiyo sees William teaming up with Lady Ginchiyo to obtain a gift for Lord Muneshige. The sub-mission can be accomplished in two ways.

First path

The mission begins with William and Ginchiyo standing in front of a shrine. Pray at the shrine if you need to get any blessings, then proceed to the left of the shrine to start exploring the area.

The area left of the shrine is the entrance to a tomb. Grab the Spirit Stone off the corpse that’s sitting at the entrance, then go further into the catacomb. There are some pots inside the tomb that contain poison or fire, so take care when smashing them.

Climb the stairs to the upper level of the tomb, and defeat a Skeleton Warrior, as well as another archer from higher up the stairs. Take care when you reach one of the landings of the stairs, as there is a fire-spitting trap here. At the very top of the stairs, there’s another Skeleton Warrior, plus a Giant Skeleton watching over a Large Chest.

Head back down to the first chamber in the tomb, then cross over to the right side of the room. Enter the corridor, and take out the Sentry that’s waiting in the area. Try to dodge the strong strikes as much as possible. You can get Hayama arrows from a tomb in the area, but take care because it’s next to another fire-spitting trap.

A Dweller is waiting in the next room, and it will be throwing bombs at you. Take it down, then climb up to the Large Chest. Don’t get too comfortable, though, as a Wheelmonk will charge into the room. Team up with Ginchiyo to take out the Wheelmonk, then inspect the Large Chest to loot its contents. Snag the 2 Earth Amulet from the corridor you will come across, then enter the next big room.

Once you’ve entered the large room, get ready to square off against a Giant Skeleton and two Sentry. Get Ginchiyo to deal with the smaller enemies while you defeat the Giant Skeleton. Once that’s done, find the Sacred Brush among the coffins in the area.


Move up the next staircase, but be wary of the Sentry lying in wait about halfway up. There’s another one waiting before the door.

Once inside, you will see even more Sentries milling about a Yokai Realm; in addition, a One-Eyed Oni will emerge. It will be a challenging battle, especially since the enemies will distract you while another one delivers the actual attack. The best way to deal with this is to let Ginchiyo take the brunt of the damage, but spare her some healing items from your inventory. Bombs are a good choice, because they deal damage to multiple enemies at the same time.

Check the room once all the enemies have been defeated to find a Yamato-den Tachi. The Old Charm – your objective – lies in one of the Large Chests standing in the corners of the room.

request 03

Second Path

Starting from the shrine, go left and head towards the building. Take out the Dweller on the roof that’s lobbing bombs at you, then circle around to the back of the building to battle a Giant Skeleton and a Amrita Fiend. Another Dweller is inside the building. After him, take out a nearby Skeleton Warrior. There are poison-spewing and fire-spewing trap urns in the area as well. Meanwhile, the urn in the far corner of the building is a trap that will send you to the underground tomb. Loot the contents of the Large Chest nearby.

Grab Amrita from the corpse outside the building, but be ready to face a Giant Skeleton that might be in the area too.

Head up the sloping path. This will be a literal uphill battle, as the path is teeming with Skeleton Warriors and archers. When you reach the bridge, hop down to a ledge just before it to find a corpse holding 2 Uchiko Powder.

request 05

A Yokai Realm guarded by an Amrita Fiend and surrounded by trap urns is at the entrance of the bridge. Once you have cleared this area, grab the Small Spirit Stone nearby, but don’t rush to take on the One-Eyed Oni just yet. Continue up the slope.

The next building you will come across has statues, but one of them is actually a Sentry in disguise. Open the door to your left to get a Summoner’s Candle, then access the upper level to eliminate the archer covering the Main Shrine with your longbow or rifle. Exit the building, then turn right to inspect a Large Chest.

Continue on up the hill, where you will encounter a Giant Skeleton again. There’s a route here that will lead you to the roof of the Large Shrine where your objective is.

The Large Shrine is guarded by a One-Eyed Oni armed with a boulder. The easiest way to defeat him is to attack him from either side, causing him to lose the boulder he is armed with. Once he’s disarmed, he will resort to a pummeling attack; keep away from his punches, but keep yourself from getting cornered as well.

Request 6

Once you have defeated the One-eyed Oni, enter the Large Shrine and inspect the Large Chests inside. One of them will contain the Old Charm – the item you and Ginchiyo are looking for.

Request 7

Once you have obtained the Old Charm, you are now free to explore the other areas, as the enemies have now disappeared.

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