Nioh - A Fiercer Flame Sub Mission Walkthrough

This page contains a walkthrough on the Sub Mission A Fiercer Flame for Nioh on PS5 and PS4. Included are all items, weapons, armor, enemies and bosses encountered in the game.

Nioh and Nioh 2 (including all DLCs) are also bundled in the Nioh Collection on PS5.

The Sub Mission A Fiercer Flame kicks off with Senji Tome entrusting William to explore the Iga province to retrieve the Magatama to help her in smithing.

Sub Mission – A Fiercer Flame Walkthrough

Check the left side before heading through the doorway for a Shrine. Go through the hallway past some Frog Statues then turn right. Hug the left wall to avoid the projectile then face the first Ninja that will ambush you. Take it out then turn left and pass through some weak screen doors. Break through another set of fragile screen doors, then return to the first room to aggro the lone Ninja first, this allows you to stall a bit before the Yoki joins the fray. If the battle becomes cumbersome, lure the Yoki all the way to the first hallway to confront it as the Ninja lags behind it.

Return through the area with the weak screen doors, then turn right to find another screen door, smash through to enter. Check the left corner of the wall to trigger the mechanism to pass through it. Head straight, then be wary of the Ninja that awaits by doorway as you make a left. Defeat him to advance through the area he was previously blocking, then enter the next set of weak screen doors to find a small room with another set of breakable doors.

At the center of the compact room is another Ninja to take out. Take him out then go through the next hall and take the door to your right to find a seemingly enclosed space. Check the left side of the dead end to uncover another passage. Head through another area and examine the corpse for an item, ignore the right side. Return to the left hidden door once again then return to where you fought the Ninja who was idling at the center of the room. Pass through the next screen doors that are still intact to uncover a long stretching hallway.

Take a left through the doorway and ascend several flights of stairs. When you reach the balcony, check the right side for a Shrine. Proceed straight ahead then watch out for the Spider that lunges from the ceiling. Tumble back to evade a projectile and continue to deliver slashes while it’s still vulnerable. Head to the left doorway to find a tapering bridge, ahead is a Yokai Realm which eventually summons a Yoki. Return to the small room where you fought the Spider to get some space to maneuver, dodge its attacks and activate the Living Weapon to strike it with powerful blows.

Cross the tapering bridge, then as you proceed down, try to aggro the Ninja to avoid confronting the Flaming Archer. Take them out one at a time then jump off the ledge. Trigger the Yokai Realm on the right to fight the Tongue Yokai, summon the Guardian Spirit to deal an enormous amount of damage. Go to the right path to find a closed door with fencing extending on both sides.

Carefully open the door then immediately retreat to avoid the Flaming Arrow. Get some distance away and snipe the Archer from a distance. Get through and avoid the swarm of patrolling Yokai. Immediately race for the right side of the area, then make a left to ascend some steps, try to lure the Yokai then jump off the edge. Return to the steps and this time turn right to get through the screen doorway.

Enter the fragile doors, then activate the hidden door. Turn left and take out the lone Spider. After clearing previously blocked side, go through then ascend the steps to your left. Be wary of another Spider that ambushes you from the ceiling. Take it out skillfully, go through and cross the narrow balcony to get to the doorway on the other side. Turn around, then execute a well-timed backward roll to dodge the attack from pursuing Spider. Finish it off, then go through the hallway, take a left passing by some slanting walls to arrive in a mezzanine. Take cover along some of the pillars to avoid suffering huge damage from an incoming projectile. Then swiftly dodge and take out the Cannon wielding Ninjas. Go around the mezzanine to find a hole you can drop off to reach the lower level.

At the center of the fencing is another Yokai Realm, approach it to commence a fight with the final Yoki. Finish it off with some well-timed dodges and sword strikes. When it eventually falls, approach the center to complete the Sub Mission.

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