Neuromod Division – All Weapons, Items, Enemies, and Secrets [Prey]


This is a Prey locations guide. Here you will find details on the TranStar Testing Facility, AKA the Neuromod Division, including items, weapons, and secrets.

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Neuromod Division Location Guide

transtar testing facilityThe TranStar Testing Facility, at first, was seemingly situated in a gigantic TranStar skyscraper. Morgan heads there  by chopper from their luxurious residential tower.

However, it turns out that this testing facility was not on Earth at all, but in Talos-1, a massive space station situated in space. The TranStar scientists and Alex Yu himself fed the illusion to an amnesiac Morgan for their nefarious purposes.

Due to the typhon outbreak on Talos-1, the testing facility was abandoned or overrun, resulting in massive casualties.


Testing Facility  Areas and Notable Locations Description
Testing Area
  • Visited twice: first in ‘First Day on the Job’ and then in ‘Break Out.’
Debriefing Room
  • Contains a safe and a hidden suitcase with lots of good loot inside. The code is 5150. 
Stage B – Control Room
  • At least two mimics are hiding around here.
  • Sets up the first mimic encounter.
Simulation Laboratory – Entrance (Offices)
  • You can find lots of flavor texts here.
  • The key is in Sylvain Bellamy’s office, but the game prompts you to explore other options.
Sylvain Bellamy’s Office
  • Flavor text here as well as the keycard to the door.
Hallway to Security
  • Sets up reveal of the GLOO cannon.
Veer Singh’s Corpse
Natasha Gravilovic’s Corpse
  •  Found on the roof of the security building near the foyer. A line of GLOO can be found leading to the roof.
Security office
  • Contains a weapon upgrade kit.
Foyer with the Neuromod
  • 4 mimics lurk in this area.
Conference Room
  • Contains TranScribe: Robert Gage
  • Contains Robert Gage’s Corpse
Robert Gage’s Corpse
Volunteer Testing
Skill Recorder Analysis
Volunteer Quarters



Items How to Find
GLOO Cannon
  • Next to Veer Singh’s corpse

Consumables and Ammo

Items How to Find
  • By the doorway near the DEMETRI BROWSER computer at the start of the facility.
  • By the exit door near Jovan Gravilovic’s corpse
  • Looted off Veer Singh’s corpse
  • Found in the Foyer. Very obvious where it can be found–a Neuromod poster can be seen plastered on the wall, and January will point it out.
9mm Bullets
  • Mimics
GLOO Canister
  • Next to Veer Singh’s corpse
  • Looted off Natasha Nikova’s corpse
Suit Repair Kit
  • Looted off Veer Singh’s corpse
  • Looted off Natasha Nikova’s Corpse
Weapon Repair Kit
  • Found inside the locked security room
Methuselah Apple
  • Floor near a fallen lamp upon exciting the simulation labs office.

Key Items

Items How to find
Simulation Lab Keycard
  • Sylvain Bellamy’s Office
TranScribe: Marco Simmons
  • By the desk in front of Test Chamber D.


Items How to find
Spare Parts
  • Jovan Gravilovic’s Corpse
  • Natasha Nikova’s Corpse
Lemon Peel
  • Jovan Gravilovic’s Corpse
  • Natasha Nikova’s Corpse
Baseball Glove
  • Jovan Gravilovic’s Corpse
Typhon Organ
  • Mimics
Mimic Tumor (Necropsy required)
  • Mimics
Agave Plant Clippings
  • Found in the Testing Labs
  • Found in the Conference Room
  • Found in the Foyer
Used plastic tubing
  • Stage B Control Area
Frayed Wire
  • Stage B Control Area


Enemy Name Located
  • The shoe next to Jovan Gravilovic’s corpse
Mimic (x2)
  • Found in Stage B Control Area
 Mimic (x3)
  • Found in the Simulation Lab Offices (beyond the Decontamination Chamber and Jovan Gravilovic’s corpse)
  • One is wandering around.
  • Another is posing as a mug on the floor next to the Reployer.
  • The last one attacks you when you enter Sylvain Bellamy’s Office
Standup Notes (Memo)
  • Table near Sylvain Bellamy’s office.
  • The looming figure you can see once you leave the simulation labs office.
Wandering Mimic
  • The hallway where you find the Gloo Cannon.
Gloo’d Mimic
  • The hallway where you find the Gloo Cannon.
Mimic (x4)
  • Foyer with the Neuromod

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