Finding the Disruptor Stun Gun on Talos-1 [Prey]

This is a Prey locations guide. Here you will find details on finding the disruptor stun gun. Read it now on Samurai Gamers!

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Looking for the disruptor stun guns requires that you break out of your apartment, but don’t leave the TranStar Testing Facility.

Finding the Disruptor Stun Gun on Talos-1

Stun Gun #1

Head over to the debriefing room once you break out of your apartment.

disruptor stun gunClimb up the equipment and the shelf to the left. A briefcase with a note is just lying on top of the metal shelf. Inside the brief case is the stun gun and a couple of things :

  • Cell Refurb 00q-x1
  • Medikit
  • Glucassist
  • Disruptor Batteries

Stun Gun #2

Head into the foyer before the main lobby. Climb up the security station, and take note of the wall of GLOO on the adjacent side.

Jump on over to the ledge with the TRANSTAR logo. Cross the ledge and jump towards the next light fixture, and then jump towards the second floor balcony. You’ll find the stun gun by a corpse next to some giant crates.

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