Blacksmith Guide [Nioh]

This page contains the Blacksmith Guide for Nioh, including services offered and in-depth information on each type of service.

To better prepare yourself in taking on the Yokai, you’ll need the best possible weapons and armor you can use relative to where you are in the game. Easy missions require relatively simple gear, while the more difficult ones will prove overwhelming unless you are adequately equipped.

On your journey, you will meet Senji Tome, a female blacksmith who offers you her services. Just make sure you have the necessary items for her to work on. You can also buy and sell equipment from her, should you need any gear on the go.

Service offered at the Blacksmith

Below is a list of the services offered by Senji in Nioh, as well as short descriptions on what they are for.

Action Description
Buy and Sell Weapons and Armor Choose from a variety of weapons and armor the blacksmith offers or sell your unwanted ones. Most equipment sold by the blacksmith are average to subpar so consider avoiding buying from her altogether.
Forge Craft weapons armor tools using materials gathered in missions or from disassembling.
Soul Match Raise the level of weapons and armor
Refashion Change the appearance of a weapon or piece of armor
Reforge Modify the bonuses a weapon or piece of armor has or improve an existing bonus at random
Disassemble Break down a weapon or piece of armor and salvage the materials used from it

Buying and Selling Weapon and Armor

You can buy and sell weapons and armor at the Blacksmith for gold. To exchange your unwanted equipment for Amrita, you can choose the “Make Offering” option at a Shrine.


Forging weapons, armor and tools from materials (either obtained in missions or salvaged from other equipment via disassembly) allows the player to craft common, uncommon, rare and exotic equipment. The chance that you will be able to craft a weapon of high quality depends on the quality of smithing materials used.

Soul Match

Soul Match allows you to raise the level of weapons and armor by sacrificing unwanted high-level equipment. The low-level equipment will be raised to the same level of the destroyed high-level one.


Only for aesthetic purposes, Refashioning allows you to change the appearance of weapon or armor to that of another. However, it is required that you already posses the weapon or armor that you would like to change your equipment to.


Reforging allows you to randomly improve the attributes of weapons and armor to your liking. This is done by choosing an attribute that you want to eliminate from the possibilities. The process will then choose from a random attribute to replace it with.


You can destroy unwanted weapons or armor and reuse its materials to craft equipment to your liking. You will receive the same quality of materials that the item is made from, making this a good alternative to gathering materials during missions.

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