Nioh - Onryoki Boss Guide

This page contains a boss strategy guide for Onryoki in Nioh on PS5 and PS4. Included are enemy attack patterns, recommended equipment, and tips and tricks to defeat the boss in the game.

Nioh and Nioh 2 (including all DLCs) are also bundled in the Nioh Collection on PS5.

Onryoki is a demon who wields two chain balls. He swings it around and shatters your defenses if you don’t move around properly. The good thing is, he’s a bit lumbering as well which makes you faster. He’s a large red demon with molten gold horns and white hair. In the light, he appears to be on fire.

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Onryoki Boss Guide

The Onryoki deals incredible damage if you aren’t guarding. Also, you better not get hit. His hits will likely drain all of your Ki. With those two massive chains and balls, you’re going to have to resort to evasion.

When the battle starts, try by entering its range. Lure out his attacks and watch him when he spins the balls around and slams into the ground. He’ll also bring in the second ball around behind him and slide it across the front. Dodge the attacks until he stops swinging. From there, you can use your own moves.

After that, retreat and wait for his next attack. Soon, Oryoki will start connecting his attacks. From his simple one or two hit slams, Onryoki will begin dragging both chains to swing the balls around. It has a large range so give him space until the chains stops. When the chains stop, move in to attack.


Remember that simply tapping the dodge button doesn’t mean you’re not going to get hit. You’ll have to anticipate its attacks to move to another direction. When you tap the dodge button twice, you can truly dodge under attacks that would deal a lot of damage. Timing is key in this battle. While it may take time to understand the delay between a dodge and a roll, break the boxes the room for a chance of finding much needed Elixirs.

Deal enough damage to break his Ki. With that, it’ll be easier to break the chains. Once they’re broken, he can’t use his ball and chain attacks. But he can still toss the ball at your face if he gets close to one. When he doesn’t have his weapons, he’ll instead try to do short leaping body slams or claw at you every few sweeps.

If you take a few hits, it may kill you. And, blocking will use a lot of Ki. But you’re going to need the Ki to prepare the Ki Pulses for the Yokai Realms. He usually starts summoning them with a leaping two-handed strike. Because of this, you’ll have to dodge as well as strike so you can use Ki Pulse after attacking.

However, if he’s too busy throwing his balls at you, use your ranged  weapon to stun him.

After you kill him, you get a load of items. These items are of varying rarities and with that, a spirit will appear at the center. Speak to it and move on to the next mission.

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