Kodama explained [Nioh]

When you load up Nioh for the first time, you will see a couple of glowing green creatures wearing traditional Japanese hats playing around before starting the game. These are called Kodama, and they have a big part in Nioh’s gameplay.

What are Kodama?


Kodama in Nioh
A Kodama from Nioh (Screengrab from YouTube)

Kodama are non-playable characters in Nioh. They are neither gods nor yōkai, but are sort of like nature spirits that live in trees as well as in man-made objects. They usually stay near shrines, but can get lost on occasion. During the game, if William encounters a Kodama and guides it back to a shrine, he will earn bonuses in exchange for some gold.

The bonuses, or blessings as they are called in the game, are as follows:

Blessing Description Gold required
Oracle Blessing Increases the amount of Amrita (souls) earned 100
Swordsman Blessing Increases the weapon drop rate 100
Warrior Blessing Increases the armor drop rate 100
Healer Blessing Increases the elixir drop rate 100
Healer Blessing Increases the ammunition drop rate 100

Places to find Kodama

(Content to be updated when game is released)

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