Nioh - Tachibana Muneshige Boss Guide

This page contains a boss strategy guide for Tachibana Muneshige in Nioh on PS5 and PS4. Included are enemy attack patterns, recommended equipment, and tips and tricks to defeat the boss in the game.

Nioh and Nioh 2 (including all DLCs) are also bundled in the Nioh Collection on PS5.

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Tachibana Muneshige Boss Guide
farming tachibana muneshige

This article is a Tachibana Muneshige Boss Guide. It will tackle the best strategy to fight against this armored foe. Tachibana Muneshige is the fifth boss encountered in Nioh. He is encountered in Main Mission The Spirit Stone Slumbers and Sub Mission An Invitation from the Warrior of the West. He is an armored samurai who desires to duel with William.

You will easily neutralize this skilled foe by wielding a spear in either mid or high stance. When he attacks, dodge away, countering with your high or mid stance attacks from a distance. Make sure you take note of his KI, for when it depletes you should immediately knock him out and attack him with the ▲ button.

Another way to approach this fight is to bait his Iaido sword charge. Dodge to his rear and start hacking at him from behind with your weapon. The key to fighting Tachibana Muneshige is to make him miss and counter with 2 slashes, and then go back to evading and baiting him again.

Note: Tachibana Muneshige is also an excellent farming exploit. See this article for more information.

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