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Side Missions Walkthrough

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Character Information

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Prey has a wonderful cast of intriguing characters. Below are just some of the characters found in the game.

Morgan Yu Alex Yu Mikhaila Iluyishin
Sarah Elazar January Dayo Igwe


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Cystoid Mimic Nightmare
Phantom Poltergeist Telepath
Weaver Nightmare Operator

Equipment Database


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Wrench Silenced Pistol Shotgun
GLOO Cannon Disruptor Stun Gun Huntress Boltcaster


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Recycler Charge TranScribe Material Recycler
Psychoscope Typhon Lure Artax Propulsion System
Fabricator EMP Charge Nullwave Transmitter
Artemis Pistol

Tips and Tricks

Game Overview

Prey is a first-person action-adventure game developed by Arkane Studios and published Bethesda Softworks for the Playstation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows. It is the remake of the classic 2006 science fiction game of the same name.

Prey’s narrative is told through the eyes of Morgan Yu, a scientist aboard the space station Talos-1. The game is set in an alternate timeline where US President John F. Kennedy manages to survive the attempt on his life in 1963. The President becomes especially concerned with funding the space program, thereby speeding up advancements in the sector. Soon, an alien force known as the Typhon attack earth and the east and west powers (the United States and the USSR) lead the resistance against the invaders. The Typhon are eventually captured and exiled in space, to be contained in the Talos-1 indefinitely.

Prey features an open-world gameplay, with exploration being crucial for progressing through the story. Gameplay-wise, the game takes heavily from the Dishonored franchise, particularly the aspect of finding creative solutions to overcome obstacles in the game. Players will also be faced with making very critical decisions that affect the progression of the main story.

It terms of character customization, Prey will give players the freedom to customize their character’s abilities, and will feature a role-playing style of gameplay. Despite this, combat itself is set to deliver action-oriented gameplay, owing to its faster pace during enemy encounters.


“Good morning, Morgan. Today is Monday March 15th, 2032.”


Day One Patch Notes Revealed (5/4/2017)

We get a rundown of what will be different after the Prey’s first update on the day of launch. Some minor spoilers ahead. Click here to read more.

Title Prey
Genre Action-Adventure
System Playstation 4 / Microsoft Windows, Xbox One
Developer Arkane Studios
Publisher Bethesda Softworks
Release date May 5, 2017

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