[Fate Grand Order/ FGO] 1 Star Servant Directory

This article contains the directory for all 1 star class servants in Fate Grand Order.

1 Star Servants

Welcome to the 1 Star Servants. You’re probably wondering what this is doing here. For those who are just collecting the servants, you can check them out here. Although in battle, not many people use 1 Star Servants. They’re the kind of heroes you’ll use only if their Noble Phantasm has some use. Or, if their active abilities have some use. However, the stats of a 1 star servant don’t tantamount to much.


Name B A Q NP Type
Arash  2 2 1 Buster


Name B A Q NP Type
Spartacus 3 1 1 Buster
Asterios 3 1 1 Arts


Name B A Q NP Type
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 1 3 1 Arts


Name B A Q NP Type
Sasaki Kojirou  1 1 3 Quick
Mata Hari 1 1 3 Arts

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